Isaac/Alessa Interview @ A Book Lovers Review

Hi everyone!  The Stitch Blog Tour today is visiting A Book Lovers Review for an exclusive interview between the stars of Stitch, Isaac and Alessa!  Check out this sneak peek:

Alessa: The past few weeks on the Stitch Blog Tour, there’ve been a lot of readers asking for more about Isaac, so I’m here today to conduct a quick interview to help you get to know him and the world we come from a bit better. We’ll start with an easy one – you ready, Isaac?
Isaac: Ready as I’ll ever be, Less.
Alessa: Okay, here we go. Question number one: what makes our relationship special and unique?
Isaac: Whoa! That’s an easy one??

Isaac has a LOT more to say about that topic and about what makes the world that he and Alessa come from different from other dystopian settings (there are some hints in there for those of you wondering what’s coming in Book 2!).  Be sure to read the rest over at A Book Lovers Review today!

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Stitch Review @ Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile

There’s a nice review up today at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile – here’s a snippet:

I really did love the story line. Well thought out, Alessa’s story is definitely different than any that I’ve read before. I’m not entirely sure how to praise it without giving too much away. What I can say is that the statement that it bridges paranormal romance and dystopian sci-fi is spot on. Alessa’s life isn’t what it seems. No matter how flawed she might feel her existence is, nothing can prepare her for what she discovers about her past.

Check out the rest at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile today!

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Review & 3 Ebook Giveaway @ Cynthia Shepp

Hi everyone!  Today we’ve got an awesome review and 3 e-book giveaway from Cynthia Shepp – here’s a sneak peek:

Let me just say OMG! I remember reading the back cover when I first received this book for review, but by the time I started reading the book, I only vaguely remembered that it had a girl and a ghost in it. I thought it would be like so many countless other books I have read about a girl falling in love with a ghost. I WAS WRONG! This story is not what you expect at all. I was floored when I hit the twists and turns that finally explained what was going on. I never expected it at all. This book was so intense that I literally read it in 1 day and could not put it down.

Check out the rest on the Cynthia Shepp website and remember to enter the giveaway!  Thank you so much to Cynthia for hosting!

Also, the e-book giveaway at Willing to See Less is ending today and there are only 13 entries right now, so chances of winning are high!  Get in there soon!

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Stitch Review @ Book Briefs

Great review today up at Book Briefs!  Here’s a snippet:

Whoa! Stitch was nothing like I was expecting. It surprised me so much. I went into it thinking it would be intriguing. Then I picked up the book a while later and forgot what the summary said. So I start the story and I figure its a simple little ghost tale, and I expected to enjoy it. But I got so much more from Stitch, and it is not a simple story. Not at all! It is continuously morphing, which meant that it was always grabbing my interest. Once I really got into the story, I could not put it down. I loved it.

Be sure to read the rest over at Book Briefs today, and big thanks to Michelle for hosting Stitch!

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Review & Interview @ JeanZBookReadNReview

There’s a great review and author interview up today at JeanZBookReadNReview – here’s a quick snippet:

I usually don’t go for ghost type stories, but I loved the way this one was going and it really drew me in then it twisted to bring in a time-travel element possibility, and I thought I wasn’t going to like the direction the book was going in. So then I just got used to the time travel possibility, when the direction twisted again to a more dystopian edge. Then you read further and realise that there had been this undercurrent of a dystopian edge running in the background throughout the whole book. I really loved this book all the way through.

Be sure to check out the rest today at JeanZBookReadNReview!  We’ve also got an author interview featured at JeanZBookReadNReview.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Do you read all the reviews of your book/books?

So far I have!  What better way to improve your writing than to hear what readers have to say about it?  Plus, I’m still figuring out the details of the next two books in the series, so I want to make sure I’m giving readers what they want!  Of course, criticism is always hard to hear, but in the end, I know it will only make my writing stronger, so I try my best to take the bad with the good, learn from it, and move on.  I know my book is not perfect, and frankly, I think I’m harder on it than any reviewer has been thus far, so I’ve actually been quite pleased with the reviews.

The rest is available right here and touches on why I self-published, my inspirations for Stitch, and the best/worst movie book-to-movie adaptations (in my opinion, at least!).  Thanks so much to Sandra Jeanz for hosting!

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Print Book Giveaway @ Crossroads Reviews

Exciting times!  Today we’ve got 1 print copy of Stitch up for grabs over at Crossroads Reviews!

This will be the only print book giveaway until next Sunday, so be sure to enter for your chance to win!

Big thanks to Jessica at Crossroads Reviews for hosting!

Tomorrow we’ve got an author interview and review at JeanZBookReadNReview – don’t miss it!

(Btw, do you think I use enough exclamation points in these posts?  Sorry – I’m just really excited about the tour!!)

Stitch Review @ Whoopeeyoo!

Fabulous review up today at Whoopeeyoo!  Here’s a sneak peek:

I ensure any dystopian fans out there that you’d love this one. That’s for sure. It’s not even your usual dystopia fare because it pulls you into a twist you wouldn’t see coming. How cool is that? Pulling a genre change right inside the novel and it won’t make your eyes roll. Samantha, you rock!

Thank you, Dianne!!  And another big thanks to you for hosting!  Don’t miss the rest over at Whoopeeyoo! today!

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Author Interview @ Comfort Books

Hi everyone!  Today I’m featured in an author interview over at Comfort Books.  Paige had lots of great questions about why I wanted to become a writer and where the idea for Stitch came from, and also a silly “speed round” – check it out:

1. Chicken or Tacos?  Tacos!  I heart Mexican food. (P: OMG I love authors that pick tacos!)

2. Flip Flops or Sneakers?  Neither!  I’m a boots and ballet flats kinda girl.

Read the rest over at Comfort Books today!  Big thank you to Paige for hosting and for the fun and insightful interview questions!

Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway going on at Willing to See Less.  There are no entries yet, so at this point, we’ve got one free e-book up for grabs!

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Author Interview & Ebook Giveaway @ Willing to See Less

Up today is an e-book giveaway and an interview with yours truly over at Willing to See Less.  Here’s a little taste of the interview:

Of course, anytime you do something new and different, there’s always the possibility that people won’t like it…  With Stitch, some of the early feedback I received was that the idea was a little “out there.”  Quite a few people encouraged me to tone down the big twist and stick to a more traditional paranormal romance path.  But the beauty of being a writer – and a self-published writer in particular – is that you have the freedom to try whatever you want and see if it sticks.

Lots more at Willing to See Less about what I love about writing, my favorite books and authors, and what I’ve got on my own To-Be-Read shelf!  Thanks to Ivana for hosting!

Stick with the tour tomorrow for another interview at Comfort Books where you’ll learn how I became writer, my advice to aspiring authors, what inspired me to write Stitch and an insightful speed round (“Chicken or Tacos?  Quick!!”).

Co-Review & 3 Ebook Giveaway @ The Book Spark

We have a fun co-review today with Ana & Rachel at The Book Spark, and another 3 e-book giveaway!  Here’s a sneak peek of the review:

Wow! Wow! There are so many twisty turnies in this book, my mind is still in a whirl. Eep!! Now most of you have read The Hunger Games. Divergent. Matched. Uglies. Delirium. Etc etc. But I bet you’ve never read anything like this.

Big thanks to Ana for hosting!  Remember to enter the giveaway and check out the rest of the review over at The Book Spark today!

Tomorrow, keep your eye out for an author interview and e-book giveaway at Willing to See Less!