2013 Shudder Blog Tour Schedule

Shudder by Samanth Durante Blog Tour - June 15th to Sept 1st

Welcome to the Shudder Blog Tour, running June 15th to September 1st, 2013!

The tour will feature author and character interviews, reader reviews, guest posts on everything from dystopian philosophy to the writing process, and of course, lots and lots of giveaways!

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Full Tour Schedule:

Date Blog Events
WEEK 1 – Hosted by CBL Tours
Saturday, June 15 Joana In The Sky With Books Review, Author Interview
Sunday, June 16 SamanthaDurante.com Post (“Surprise Shudder Launch Party”)
Monday, June 17 Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews & Editing Review
Bookwyrming Thoughts Spotlight, CBL Tour Giveaway
Tuesday, June 18 Books and Such Review, Guest Post (“What’s In a Name? How I Titled Shudder”)
Book Nerds Anonymous Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Sweeping Me Spotlight, CBL Tour Giveaway
Wednesday, June 19 Mom With A Kindle Review
Fandom Fanatic Spotlight, CBL Tour Giveaway
CBL Reviews Spotlight, CBL Tour Giveaway
Thursday, June 20 The Caffeinated Book Reviewer Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Babbling of a Bookaholic Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Friday, June 21 Simply Sensational Book Fanatics Spotlight, CBL Tour Giveaway
WEEK 2 – Hosted by CBL Tours
Saturday, June 22 Novels on the Run Spotlight, Excerpt
Sunday, June 23 Christine’s Blog Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Monday, June 24 Dark Obsession Chronicles Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
The Fantastical World of Wonders Spotlight, CBL Tour Giveaway
Ramblings of a Diva Booknerd Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Books Authors Blogs Spotlight, CBL Tour Giveaway
Tuesday, June 25 Frodo’s Blog of Randomness Review
Faerie Tale Books Review
Reading Until Dawn Spotlight, CBL Tour Giveaway
Wednesday, June 26 Escape Into A Book Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Tressa’s Wishful Endings Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Thursday, June 27 WeaklingNo14’s Wondrous Reviews Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Rivie’s Bookshelf Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
The Book Hookup Spotlight, Excerpt
Friday, June 28 Why Not? Because I Said So! Review
Wintry Words Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Book Adoration Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Lounging with Lindsey Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Spiced Latte Reviews Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Saturday, June 29 A Dash of YA Review, Giveaway
Nette’s Bookshelf Review, CBL Tour Giveaway
Sunday, June 30 Behind a Million and One Pages Review, Excerpt, Bookmarks
Books Mystify Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Monday, July 01 Lovely Reads Review, Author Interview, Giveaway
Comfort Books Spotlight, Guest Post (“On Music and Writing”)
Tuesday, July 02 All Fantasy Worlds Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway
Wednesday, July 03 Literary Meanderings Review, Author Interview
From the Writer’s Nest Review, Excerpt
Thursday, July 04 Willing to See Less Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway
Friday, July 05 Minding Spot Review
Mousehead & Tales Review, Character Interview (Lizzie), Excerpt
Saturday, July 06 Aussie Zombie Review
Sunday, July 07 Falling Books Guest Post (“Shudder Movie Dream Cast”)
Reading Until Dawn Author Interview
Monday, July 08 All Fantasy Worlds Review, Giveaway
Tuesday, July 09 Word Spelunking Guest Post (“The Nature of Evil”), Giveaway
Passionate Book Divas Author Interview
Wednesday, July 10 Crys Book Reviews Review, Guest Post (“A Profile of Evil: the Engineers”)
Fundinmental Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Thursday, July 11 KomalKant.com Author Interview
Lisa Loves Literature Review, Author Interview
Friday, July 12 Booking It With Hayley G Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Saturday, July 13 Up In The Bibliosphere Review, Guest Post (“Inspiration for the Engineers”), Giveaway
Sunday, July 14 Books for Company Review, Giveaway
Monday, July 15 Bookish Treasures Review, Guest Post (“Inspiration for ‘The Bones Incident'”), Giveaway
Tuesday, July 16 Darkest Addictions Review, Giveaway
Wednesday, July 17 Book Briefs Review, Guest Post (“Inspiration for Shudder’s Setting”), Giveaway
FUONLYKNEW Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Thursday, July 18 Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile Spotlight, Guest Post (“Inspiration for ‘The Dumpster Scene'”)
Coco’s Bookish Adventures Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Friday, July 19 Salacious Reads Review, Author Interview
Saturday, July 20 Paulette’s Papers Review, Giveaway
Falling Books Review
Sunday, July 21 Bitsy Bling Review
Monday, July 22 Reading & Writing Urban Fantasy Review, Giveaway
Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile Review
Tuesday, July 23 To Read or Not to Read Spotlight, Guest Post (“Characters Behaving Badly”), Giveaway
A Dream Within a Dream Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Wednesday, July 24 Book an Appointment with Wisdom Books Review, Guest Post (“Why a Virus?”), Excerpt, Giveaway
Thursday, July 25 Realms of an Open Mind Review, Giveaway
Friday, July 26 City of Books Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Saturday, July 27 SamanthaDurante.com Post (“Tour Update”)
Sunday, July 28 Books for Company Guest Post (“Top 5 Must-Haves for Your Post-Apocalyptic Adventure”), Giveaway
Monday, July 29 Sarcasm & Lemons Guest Post (“Sayings Smackdown w/ Isaac & Alessa”), Giveaway
Forever 17 Books Review, Excerpt
Tuesday, July 30 Short & Sweet Reviews Review, Giveaway
Live, Love, Laugh, Learn Author & Character (Janie & Phoenix) Interview
Wednesday, July 31 Parajunkee Review, Giveaway
Thursday, August 01 Doodle’s Book Blog Author Interview, Giveaway
Friday, August 02 Books with Bite Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway
Coffee Books & Me Spotlight, Guest Post (“Sayings Smackdown w/ Janie & Lizzie”)
An Avid Reader’s Musings Review, Excerpt
Saturday, August 03 Red Reader Reviews Review, Author Interview, Giveaway
Bex ‘n’ Books Review, Guest Post (“Why I Love the First Line of Shudder”), Giveaway
Sunday, August 04 Cocktails & Books Spotlight, Guest Post (“Death to the Dreaded Second Book Syndrome”)
Monday, August 05 Book Cover Justice Review, Giveaway
Tuesday, August 06 SamanthaDurante.com Post (“No Joke: A Real Life Stitch!”)
Books From You To Review Review
Wednesday, August 07 The Oaken Bookcase Review, Excerpt
Books & Life Review, Giveaway (Print copy)
Thursday, August 08 Always YA at Heart Review, Character Interview (Isaac)
Friday, August 09 The Cover Contessa Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Saturday, August 10 Reading With ABC Review, Excerpt
Sunday, August 11 Contagious Reads Spotlight, Giveaway
Monday, August 12 New Adult Addiction Review
Tuesday, August 13 Nomi’s Paranormal Palace Review, Character Interview (Alessa & Isaac)
Reading Between the Wines Spotlight, Guest Post (“Book Pirates: Not the Arrrgh Kind”), Excerpt, Giveaway
Wednesday, August 14 The Muse Unleashed Review, Giveaway
Total Book Nerds Review, Excerpt
Thursday, August 15 Head Stuck in a Book Review, Guest Post (“Celebrating the Stitch 1-Year Anniversary”)
Friday, August 16 SamanthaDurante.com Post (“Giveaway Reminders”)
Saturday, August 17 Collections Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway
Sunday, August 18 Michelle Chew Writes Review, Excerpt
Monday, August 19 Here’s the Story Review
Every Free Chance Book Reviews Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
What’s Beyond Forks Spotlight, Guest Post (“Commitment Issues”)
Me, My Shelf & I Spotlight, Giveaway
Tuesday, August 20 JeanZBookReadNReview Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Book Jems Review, Interview
A Thousand Lives Review
Wednesday, August 21 Little Hyuts Review, Excerpt
Book Labyrinth Spotlight
Thursday, August 22 SamanthaDurante.com Post (“Get Ready for the Big Finale!”)
Froze8’s Blog Spotlight, Giveaway
Friday, August 23 My World in Words and Pages Review, Guest Post (“Family & Relationships in a Dying World”)
Kate’s Book Life Review
WEEK 11 – Hosted by Prism Tours
Saturday, August 24 The Reading Diaries Review, Tour Highlights: “Shudder Mysteries”, Prism Tour Giveaway
The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl Spotlight, Tour Highlights: “Raving Fans”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Rose & Beps Spotlight, Tour Highlights: “Crushing on (Side) Characters”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Sunday, August 25 Chapter Break Review, Tour Highlights: “Vile Villainy”, Prism Tour Giveaway
The Wonderings of One Person Review, Tour Highlights: “Cliffhanger Ending”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Mortal Moments Spotlight, Tour Highlights: “Crushing on (Main) Characters”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Monday, August 26 A TiffyFit’s Reading Corner Review, Prism Tour Giveaway
Tuesday, August 27 Kindred Dreamheart Spotlight, Guest Post (“The Fashion of Alessa”), Prism Tour Giveaway
The Bookish Daydreamer Spotlight, Tour Highlights: “OMG Ending”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf Spotlight, Tour Highlights: “Developing Deep Characters”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Wednesday, August 28 YA Book Addict Review, Prism Tour Giveaway
Library of a Book Witch Spotlight, Tour Highlights: “POV Perfection”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Mommasez  Review, Tour Highlights: “Writerly Wisdom”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Thursday, August 29 Mel’s Shelves Review, Tour Highlights: “Praise for Pacing”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Fundinmental Spotlight, Tour Highlights:  “Painstakingly Plotted World”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Friday, August 30 Literary Meanderings Spotlight, Tour Highlights:  “Raving Fan Moments”, Prism Tour Giveaway
WEEK 12 – Hosted by Prism Tours
Saturday, August 31 My Devotional Thoughts Spotlight, Tour Highlights: “Crushing on (Main) Characters, Continued”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Green Mountain Couple Review, Tour Highlights: “Vile Villainy, Continued”, Prism Tour Giveaway
Sunday, September 01 The Book Rogue Review, Prism Tour Giveaway
 *Bonus* Donnie Darko Girl Review, Prism Tour Giveaway