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Behind a Million and One PagesBig thanks to Gina and Denice for hosting today’s stops on the Shudder Blog Tour!  We’ve got two great reviews and giveaways at both stops, plus a set of awesome original bookmarks and a giveaway!  Check out the links below for more.

First, from Behind a Million and One Pages, excerpt, bookmarks, and a fab review:

Most main characters start to get on your nerves, and you even start to dislike some of them. Not in this though, we love Alessa and Issac even more that we do in Stitch. Our connection with them grows and we delve deep into the book and cling onto every word they say and everything that they face together. These characters continue to surprise us with how strong they are emotionally and physically, as well as their drive to do everything that they can for the better future, as well as getting to see their loved ones at the end of this journey. <continue reading>

And then at Books Mystify, another except and 5-star review, plus an e-book giveaway!  Here’s a preview of the (steamy!) excerpt:

He kissed her back with intensity, sliding his hands down the small of her back and pulling her close, the electricity buzzing between them.  Alessa gasped at the feel of his body against hers, releasing a soft moan as he traced the line of her chin and then her neck with kisses.  Her body shivered with anticipation. <continue reading>

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“And then, BAM, she punched me in the gut again!” 2 Reviews + Giveaways!

Nette's BookshelfTwo awesome new reviews up today at A Dash of YA and Nette’s Bookshelf!  First, check out this snippet of Komal’s hilarious recounting of the emotional rollercoaster she was taken on by Shudder:

“When I read Samantha Durante’s debut novel, Stitch, I was blown away. Samantha had so skillfully woven a punch to the gut into her story that I didn’t even see it coming.

“Punch to the gut?” you ask. “Did the book physically attack you?”

I nod, not really sure how to explain it without giving away spoilers. “Kind of. It was more of an assault to the mind that felt like a punch to the gut.”

Like I said, Stitch was like a punch to the gut. The sequel, Shudder, was the reader recovering from that punch, internally bleeding a little (I’ll get to that part later), and slowly trying to piece together where the punch came from.

… The great thing about Samantha Durante is that she is a very skilled writer. I felt very safe in her hands as she took me through the story. And then, BAM, she punched me in the gut again! Freaking hell, Samantha! Like I needed you to do that to me in the end when I’d only just recovered!” <continue reading>

Seriously, stop by A Dash of YA and read the rest, it’s hysterical.  And while you’re there, enter A Dash of YA’s e-book giveaway and also grab copies of Komal’s amazing YA Contemporary Romance books (for <$2, can’t beat that!).

Next up, we have another great review from Nette’s Bookshelf:

“I know I mentioned this in my review of Stitch,  but I find the juxtaposition of Paragon and our society fascinatingly similar.  Similar in that we are so enamored or disctracted by “reality t.v” and the lives of others that we forget about what’s going on “out there” in the real world.  I also find similarities with the ruling class and our government but I’m going to stop at this sentence, lest I get away from myself and begin discussing politics and world issues and other topics that have nothing to do with my review of a book.  And that whole issue with the food? One word. Monsanto.  Anyway, I’m getting away from myself here…What I’m trying to say is, Samantha Durante creatively and cleverly devised a story that’s based on real-life ideas and turned it into a thought provoking novel.” <continue reading>

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Count ‘Em! 5 Shudder Reviews + Excerpt & Giveaway

Wintry WordsWhew!  Happy Friday!  We’re kicking off the weekend with a BIG day today on the Shudder tour – no less than FIVE (count ’em – that’s 5!) new reviews to share!  Here’s a quick snippet from each (click on the blog names to view the whole post):

  • Why Not? Because I Said So – “The characters are written with so much depth that you can’t help but become totally immersed in their feelings and struggles. I’m now anxiously awaiting book three.”  (Also a new excerpt available in this post!)
  • Wintry Words – “Shudder has so ferociously shown me how quickly good things can turn bad. When things should’ve been heart-lifting, but ended up heartbreaking. There wasn’t a moment where I was privy to the whole plot. Samantha keeps you guessing throughout every page, every chapter.” (Also CBL Prize Pack Giveaway!)
  • Book Adoration – “There is just something about the Stitch series that makes reading it pure, genuine entertainment. … The story begins with excitement and action, keeping a perfect pace throughout the whole novel. My fingers were constantly ‘flipping’ the pages on my Kindle and I admit that it was really hard to stop. … Durante’s writing is compelling and easy to read, [and though] already good, has vastly improved.” (Also CBL Giveaway!)
  • Lounging With Lindsey – “I haven’t really read anything quite like it and was glad to learn more about other characters in this book. I was also happy to read more about the virus and the stitch and to learn about the complications that arose from the two. … And warning, there is a cliffhanger that is going to make you want to pick up the final book of the trilogy!” (Also CBL Giveaway!)
  • Spiced Latte Reviews – “Overall I did think that Shudder was a great sequel to Stitch. I mean that book would be pretty hard to top off but I am looking forward to reading the third book which is coming out in 2014 and hope that it would be an amazing end to this Trilogy!!” (Also CBL Giveaway!)

Huge thanks to Sheila, Abby, Lottie, Lindsey, and Ellie for hosting on this jam-packed day!

And finally, though this isn’t officially part of the tour, I had to mention a great post up today at Forever 17 Books today since it made me smile.  Sara’s six year old son, Shawn, took a look at the Shudder cover, re-drew it himself (quite fabulously, I must say!), and had a guess at what the book is about, which literally had me laughing out loud (from a figurative perspective it *does* actually make sense, but as commenter Christina noted, the literal interpretation, “would be the most boring book ever,” haha.)  Check it out here.

“I have literally no words.” 2 Reviews & Excerpt!

WeaklingNo14's Wondrous ReviewsThree AMAZING stops on the Shudder Blog Tour today, including reviews at WeaklingNo14′s Wondrous Reviews and Rivie’s Bookshelf and a new excerpt at The Book Hookup!  First up, an awesome review from WeaklingNo14:

I have literally no words. I mean, I did not expect it to go like this, to happen like this. I actually had to stop reading half-way through because it was so freaking intense, I thought I would start crying or something if I carried on.

This book was much more than the first one. It was faster paced, it had higher stakes, more things happened…it was just so much bigger.

This is one of those series where I am so glad that it’s only a trilogy because if I had to get tortured some more, I would kill myself. You’d think when we got chapters from the POV of the bad guys, we’d be less in the dark about what is happening, but, alas, no. I was completely engrossed, trying to figure out what was going on with the clues that I had been given. <continue reading>

Next up, another great 4-star review at Rivie’s Bookshelf – check it out:

I’ve mentioned before that my favorite books to read are dystopian, there are a lot of stories already in this genre but this series is new. Is full of twists you don’t see coming, the story makes you want to keep reading to find out what is happening with the characters. Even the second book brings new things, it’s not just a second part that tries to prepare you for the end. Even so, it still gives you answers, new details and further explanation. <continue reading>

And finally, a brand new excerpt up at The Book Hookup!  Here’s a sneak peek:

Waiting, Alessa watched the forest, ignoring the snowflakes gathering on her eyelashes and the stinging of the frozen shards scouring her face.  With a slow, deliberate movement she raised the knife to her shoulder, coiling to strike. <continue reading>

Oh, and you can also enter the CBL Prize Pack Giveaway at WeaklingNo14′s Wondrous Reviews and Rivie’s Bookshelf!  Thanks again to Sadaf, Rivie, and Celeste for hosting!!

“If you like Delirium and syfi dystopian, you’ll love this book.” 2 Reviews & Giveaway + PS about Stuck

Tressa's Wishful EndingsBig thanks to Jessica and Tressa for hosting the Shudder Blog Tour today with two awesome stops featuring CBL Giveaway chances and reviews of Stitch/Shudder!

First, check out the 4.5-star Stitch review at Escape Into A Book.  Then swing by Tressa’s Wishful Endings to hear what Tressa had to say about both Stitch & Shudder – here’s a sneak peek:

I really liked Alessa’s character. I thought she was a great MC and I connected with her and her struggles under the circumstances she was dealing with…. The society and plot were plausible (for a scifi/paranormal) to me as well. The drugs used on the people and separation of the classes; the romance; what the “virus” had created; the struggle for survival, but also for freedom all worked for me. … I’m looking forward to finding out how this series will end. If you’re looking for an interesting dystopian I think you would enjoy picking this up! <continue reading>

Thanks again to Jessica and Tressa!  And don’t miss these stops for more chances to win the big CBL Prize Pack Giveaway!

PS – I also wanted to give a quick shout-out to Tamara and her raving fan mail where she threatened to kidnap me and force me to write Stuck so that she wouldn’t whither away to nothing but eyeballs while waiting for the 2014 release.  Totally made my day.  :-)  I PROMISE you guys I won’t make you wait forever for Book 3!  As soon as I can do it, I will!!

“Shaping up to be one of my favorite trilogies” – 2 Reviews & Giveaway

Frodo's Blog of RandomnessTwo awesome reviews and another chance at the CBL Prize Pack Giveaway today on the Shudder tour!  First, reviews at Frodo’s Blog of Randomness and Faerie Tale Books – check out these snippets:

Frodo’s Blog of Randomness:

The plot! People, the twists and turns in this book?! Seriously, it’s amazing how Durante keeps you on your toes throughout. I kept thinking I had everything figured out and then BAM, another wrench thrown into what I thought I knew. There are conflicts of interest between characters, on opposite sides and even on their own. Dangers lurk around every corner. New abilities are just waiting to be discovered! How do you get better than that? Awesome. … This is shaping up to be one of my favorite trilogies in quite some time. I already am pining for Stuck’s release! <continue reading>

Faerie Tale Books:

This is the second installment in the Stitch Trilogy and is does not disappoint. The world building is very realistic, which is actually pretty scary, and you can see yourself on the run with Alessa and Issac, fighting for your life tooth and nail. The characters are believable and you really invest a lot of emotion into them. When you feel the rift that spreads between Alessa and Issac it is like a physically blow! This is a must read that will have you counting down the days until Stuck comes out! <continue reading>

And finally stop by Reading Until Dawn to enter the big CBL Giveaway!  Thanks so much to Eric, Samantha & Daphne for hosting today!!

“That rabbit hole is one freaky mother” – New Shudder Reviews & Giveaway!

Dark Obsession ChroniclesThree great stops for you today on the Shudder Blog Tour!  First we’re swinging by Dark Obsession Chronicles for an awesome review and a chance to enter the big CBL Prize Pack Giveaway.  Check it out:

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around all the revelations, and questions Shudder contained.  Yet another noodle warp. … Stitch really did set it up, but like Neo found out in the Matrix, that rabbit hole is one freaky mother. … It’s a solid sequel to the first book, and will garner gasps at moments.  Button down the hatches, and take the plunge with this series! <continue reading>

Next up, another 4-star review at Ramblings of a Diva Booknerd (and another chance to enter the big giveaway):

Shudder was awesome. Where the first book in the series posed more questions than answers, Shudder answered them… In abundance. The Stitch trilogy isn’t your average dystopian series, it’s intelligent, unique and will keep readers on their toes. I’m giddy at the prospect of the final in the series, it’ll be epic. <continue reading>

And finally, one more chance to enter the CBL Giveaway over at Fantastical World of Wonders!

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“Suspenseful and…OMG…I need book #3 NOW!!!!” – Review & Giveaway

Christine's BlogBig thanks to Christine at Christine’s Blog for the great Shudder review that’s featured as today’s stop on the Shudder Blog Tour!  Here’s a quick snippet:

Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes.  We learn so much more about the characters and the situation they are in. We see their strengths as well as their weaknesses.  I don’t think the right word is weaknesses.  We see how their whole situation is taking a toll on them. I loved certain scenes with Isaac and Alessa when they were just alone. They were my favorite.

Bottom line: Surprised how much I liked this one. Suspenseful and…OMG…I need book #3 NOW!!!! <continue reading>

Catch the rest at Christine’s Blog today and also don’t miss another opportunity to enter the big CBL Prize Pack Giveaway!

New Excerpt @ Novels on the Run

Novels on the Run“Hundreds of acid voices swarmed about her, their derisive gibes poking at her ears as she shuffled her way through the crowd. Stumbling over a loose rock, she caught herself, steadying her breath as it dawned on her that they’d all been gathered here for one purpose: to kill her.

Special treat today on the Shudder tour!  New excerpt up at Novels on the Run – stop by there for the rest!

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“The ending nearly killed me” – Review & Giveaway

Babbling of a BookaholicI’ve got two new stops to share with you today on the Shudder Blog Tour.  First up, a 4-star review at Babbling of a Bookaholic.  Check it out:

The ending to this book just about killed me, I suspected it but I didn’t want it to be true so when my fears were confirmed it broke my heart. I am now dying to know what this means and if they can fix it. Overall I really enjoyed Shudder, I’m really excited for the third book to see how exactly this trilogy wraps up. <continue reading>

Swing by Babbling of a Bookaholic for the rest!  And don’t miss another chance to enter the big CBL Giveaway at Simply Sensational Book Fanatics!

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