Guest Post: How To Get Free Kindle Books Sent Directly to Your Email Address

Here’s a helpful and informative guest post from Eric at (not to be confused with about how you can use his totally FREE service to get alerts about free and cheap Kindle deals (like Stitch and Shudder!).  Check it out:

Most of you reading this are probably aware that there are a lot of free kindle books available to download every day. The problem is searching through all the categories and finding the books that are indeed free.

Well a new website called Free Ebooks Daily will do all the searching for you, and provide you with free and discounted ebooks 7 days a week.

How Does it Work?

First you will need to sign up with your name and email address on the home page of the site. Then, you will need to confirm your free subscription by clicking the link in your email and you’re all set!

All you need to do now is wait for your daily email alerts when they send you free and discounted kindle books.

What Types of Book Do They Send?

They send all types of ebooks from non-fiction to fiction, and a variety of genres including:

-Mystery and Thrillers
-Recipe Books
…and lots more!

At you can have access to the most popular best seller kindle books available. Best of all, it’s 100% free to join and you can unsubscribe at any time!

So if you are looking for great free ebooks to download to your device, make sure to check out Free Ebooks Daily.

Thanks Eric for stopping by and sharing this with readers!

LAST CHANCE to Grab Stitch for Free!

Stitch is Free!!Just wanted to post a quick reminder that today is the LAST DAY that Stitch will be available for free on Amazon!  If you haven’t gotten a copy yet (or haven’t told someone you think should know), do it now please!

Also remember to enter the giveaway so I can thank you for all your help in sharing the news!

Enter the Giveaway HERE!!!

And in case you or someone you know does happen to miss the free days, I’ve got some good news: I’ll be dropping the price of Stitch to $0.99 this week (so *almost* free!).  AND since my exclusivity agreement with Amazon is over, Stitch will also become available again on Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and likely any other e-book retailer you can think of in the next couple weeks, all at the same low price.  :-)  So lots of goodness all around.

Thanks again for all your help spreading the word about Stitch!  As of right now, over 21,000 copies (!!!) have been downloaded since Friday.  Couldn’t have done it without your help!

Added Prizes to Stitch Free Days Giveaway! (THANK YOU!)


I missed the screenshot at #13, whoops!

I am so incredibly blown away by the success of the Stitch free days – and so grateful for all the help that so, so many of you have given me in spreading the word – that I decided to add a few more prizes to the giveaway so I can thank more of you for everything you’ve done for Stitch!

This morning, Stitch peaked at #13 on Amazon’s Top 100 Free Books, and though it has since dropped to #24 overall (which is still amazing), it remains in the Top 20 in many free book subcategories, including:

  • #1 in Dystopian Science Fiction
  • #1 in Science Fiction (Overall)
  • #1 in Paranormal Romance
  • #1 in Paranormal Ghost Romance
  • #2 in New Adult & College Romance
  • #10 in Romance (Overall)

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Stitch would climb anywhere near this high on any of these charts, so this is really surreal.

Even better, even my stretch goals for the number of downloads have way, WAY surpassed my expectations.  As of this moment, 15,500 people (!!) have downloaded a free copy of Stitch since Friday (and we’ve still got 2 more days to go in the promotion…).

I’d heard that some authors get 10,000+ downloads during a free promo, but I thought that was one of those very rare success stories that doesn’t happen to normal people (and especially not to me, lol).  So I thought if I got a couple thousand new readers, that’d be awesome and I’d call this thing a success.  Sure, I had fantasies of maybe being lucky enough to hit that 10k number, but I figured it was unlikely and didn’t want to get my hopes too high.  So you imagine how crazy it is to be sitting here looking at the numbers and realizing that halfway through the promotion, I’ve already beat that fantasy goal of 10,000 by 50+%.  As the ever-articulate Keanu Reeves would say, “Whoa.”

And the thing is, I know I absolutely would never have had a chance at accomplishing this without help from so many different people out there – from bloggers and e-book list organizers, to friends and family, and all of you readers and fans who took the time to spread the word.  I am indebted to all of you.

So to thank you (or at least a few more of you) properly, I’ve added the following prizes to the giveaway (in addition to the original $25 Amazon Gift Card):

  • 1 Signed Print Copy of Stitch
  • 1 Signed Print Copy of Shudder
  • 1 Signed Stitch Poster
  • 2 $5 Amazon Gift Cards

If you haven’t entered yet, please do so!  Here’s the widget:

Enter the Giveaway HERE!!!

Thanks so much again for all of your help!  I really can’t say it enough.  :-)

Stitch Reaches #19 on Amazon’s Top 100 Free!

WOW.  Wow wow wow.  Thank you so, so much to everyone who’s grabbed a free copy of Stitch in the past 24 hours.  Apparently it’s been a lot of you, b/c somehow Stitch has made its way into the Top 20 Free books on Amazon!!

Look – here it is at #19!


Only in my wildest dreams did I dare hope that Stitch might make it into the Top 100, let alone the Top 20, so this is really an amazing surprise!  I feel SO grateful that so many people (just about 7600 at this point according to my KDP reports…) have taken an interest in Stitch.  Really hope you guys are enjoying it!!

I’ll keep you updated on further developments as the weekend progresses.  :-)  Thanks again for all your support everyone!

Big News – Stitch is FREE Today!

Stitch is Free!!I have a very important announcement to make.  :-D  In celebration of the upcoming release of Shudder on June 15th… Stitch is FREE on Kindle!

Wha-wha-whaaaaat??  You heard me!  It’s free!!  For reals!  From June 7th-11th, anyone can mosey on over to the Stitch Amazon page and pick up a brand-spankin’-new copy of Stitch for $0 – that’s zero, zip, zilch, nada.

I know most of you reading this have probably already read and enjoyed Stitch (otherwise why are you following my blog, right?), BUT I’m sure you know at least one or two – or perhaps a hundred? – people who HAVEN’T yet read Stitch and who might also enjoy it… so it would be AWESOME if you could let your friends/family know about the promotion.  (And SOON, since it ends on Tuesday!)

And to thank you for your help in spreading the word, I’m hosting a giveaway for $25 Amazon Gift Card (open internationally) where you can earn more entries by doing simple things like tweeting or posting on Facebook!  Enter here:

Enter the Giveaway HERE!!!

Thank you guys SO much for all of your support in sharing Stitch!  I’m super excited to open up the series to a broader audience with this promotion, and even MORE excited to share Shudder with you in just a few more days!!!  Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Awesome Freebie! Stitch Trilogy Bookmarks

How cool is this: you can now print your own super sexy Stitch and Shudder bookmarks!!  Check them out:


That image is just a scaled down thumbnail, so if you’re printing these babies, make sure you use the high-res PDFs, available here:

I have to give a HUGE shout-out to Gina at Behind a Million and One Pages for creating these AWESOME Stitch Trilogy bookmarks (and a whole ton of others like them for many of your favorite YA series!).  I certainly do not have the graphic design skills to come up with anything remotely this pretty, so thank you so much to Gina for the lovely design!

And of course, there will be a third bookmark coming when the final book of the trilogy is almost released… but we’ve got some time there yet, so don’t get too excited!  I’ll be sure to update this post once the third one is available (next year, tentatively).  :-)

Announcement: Stitch available to borrow FREE from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

I’m very excited to announce that Stitch is now available in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library!

What does this mean?  In short, if you’re an Amazon Prime member (and come on, who doesn’t want free 2-day shipping on everything?), you can borrow Stitch for FREE!

More info about the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library available on here.  Happy reading!


Stitch Ebook Available Free to Libraries

I’m excited to announce that Stitch will be made available for FREE to any libraries who wish to stock it in their e-book collections.  This is made possible through the new Pricing Manager and Library Direct tools released by Smashwords on August 8th.

I’m a strong believer that libraries are an incredibly important part of the reading ecosystem and I’m thrilled to be able to make my book available to library users.  I remember as a kid being giddy at having my own library card, my eyes never quite wide enough to take in all the books piled to the ceiling in every direction.  It was a magical feeling.

For many readers, new print books and e-readers can be prohibitively expensive, so the library is a critical way for us to keep reading accessible for all.  In addition, libraries serve as important cultural and community hubs and offer limitless opportunities for free education, which is never a bad thing!  Not to mention that borrowing books is also more environmentally responsible than purchasing them.  So basically, this is a big win all around.  Go libraries!

For readers who wish to borrow the book, I’m not entirely sure how/when it will become accessible through your local library system.  My understanding from the Smashwords announcement is that the library would need to have an existing ebook checkout system and sign up through the Smashwords program.  So if you’re looking for Stitch in your library, I encourage you to communicate your request to your local librarian and see if they’re able to stock it for you.  To the best of my knowledge, it shouldn’t cost them a cent!