Weekend Recap: “Family & Relationships in a Dying World” + Tour Highlights, Grand Finale Giveaway & Reviews Galore!

Whew!  SO MUCH excitement over the weekend!  Okay, I’m doing to do my best to keep it short and recap all the goodness you might have missed in the past 3 days.

First, from Friday:

Imagine the world ended tomorrow.

You have no more career, no school, no obligations. Money is meaningless. All the material possessions you’ve accumulated are useless, except what you can carry on your back. There’s no electricity to power your iPad, no gas to run your car, no fuel to heat your home – besides whatever you can find to burn, that is.

So what *do* you have left? When all the entrapments of daily life are tossed overboard and you’re fighting just to hold a claim over the basic necessities of survival, what exactly is left to live *for?*

Ask any of the characters from the Stitch Trilogy, and they’ll tell you the same thing: their loved ones. <continue reading>

Then on Saturday we kicked off the Grand Finale Highlight Tour hosted by Prism Tours!  Before we get to these stops, let me first fill you in on the HUGE GIVEAWAY going on at all these stops to cap off the tour.  Prizes up for grabs include:

* Signed print copy of Stitch & Shudder for you and two friends (USA only)
* Signed (via Authorgraph) e-book copies of Stitch & Shudder for you and two friends (Int’l)
* Signed Stitch Shudder bookmarks + e-book copies of Stitch & Shudder (Int’l)
* $10 Amazon Gift Card (Int’l)
* $5 Amazon Gift Card (Int’l)

And you can enter at ANY of the stops on the Prism tour over the next two weeks!  (See full schedule here.)

Okay, now that you’ve got the details on that, here’s a recap of the awesome stops you might have missed on Saturday and Sunday:

  • At The Reading Diaries, “Shudder Mysteries” highlights plus a great 5-star review: “Shudder is filled with surprises around every corner, keeping me guessing till the very end. … The author has done a brilliant job creating a world filled with action, romance, monsters, and fantastic characters. The characters are easy to connect with and you can’t help cheering them on as the book progresses.  Shudder is a fast paced novel that I was able to read in one evening unable to put it down till the last page.”
  • At The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl, highlights featuring quotes from “Raving Fans”
  • At Rose & Beps, highlights about “Crushing on (Side) Characters”
  • At Chapter Break, “Vile Villainy” highlights plus an AWESOME 5-star review: “I know, I gave this book 5 stars. What? Yea, it’s just that awesome. It is one of the best dystopias I’ve read in a few years (seriously, since Hunger Games and Divergent, which are my favorites in this genre). It has everything and all types of feels – betrayal, survival, despair, rage, vengeance, love, you name it. I devoured this book in a couple of sittings. Where the first book was just good, this sequel was wonderful.”
  • At The Wonderings of One Person, “Cliffhanger Ending” highlights and another amazing review: “Shudder by Samantha Durante is a deeply touching and sensational story of discovery and freedom laden with heavy doubts and uncomfortable choices. I was swept away into this amazing world. I was taken in by its vivid detail and tangible emotions. My heart was stolen from the start. The tender and enduring love of Issac and Alessa combined with the dark intentions of a post-apocalyptic world propelled the story onto my top books of 2013 list and made me love it!”
  • At Mortal Moments, tour highlights featuring quotes about “Crushing on (Main) Characters” (aka Isaac Love Fest 2013, haha).

Okay, I think we’ve covered it!  Remember you can enter the giveaway at any (or preferably ALL) of these stops!  And keep your eye out for another post going up later today about today’s stops…  Thanks!!

Guest Post: “Book Pirates: Not the ‘Arrrgh’ Kind” + Alessa/Isaac Interview, Review & Giveaway!

Nomi's Paranormal PalaceSome awesome new content up today on the Shudder Blog Tour, including an interview with Alessa and Isaac over at Nomi’s Paranormal Palace (plus an excellent review) and a guest post titled “Book Pirates: Not the ‘Arrrgh’ Kind” (plus giveaway & excerpt) at Reading Between the Wines!  Here’s a sneak preview:

From the Alessa/Isaac interview:

Naomi: Hi Alessa and Isaac! Welcome to my Paranormal Palace!!
Alessa: We’re very excited to be here!
Isaac: Thanks so much for having us, Naomi!

Naomi: The pleasure is mine, I assure you! Alright, let’s get straight into the nitty gritty. How are you both adjusting to life now that you are out of the spotlight, not that you realised that you were being filmed before…
A: (big sigh) It’s a relief!  It was SO difficult during Stitch once I realized what was going on.  Can you imagine getting dressed or going to the bathroom knowing there are thousands of people watching you??  It was horrifying.
I: Yeah, we were definitely happy to get some alone time in Shudder.  (gives Alessa a wink)
A: (laughs and elbows Isaac) <continue reading>

From the guest post:

I have a confession to make: at one time in my life, I was a pirate.

No, silly, not the swashbuckling “arrrgh” kind – the digital media stealing kind, of course.  Though I’m proud to say I’ve since reformed my unscrupulous ways and now purchase all of my music and streaming TV legally, in my past life as an internet scalawag I probably acquired upwards of 1000 songs and watched at least 10 or so seasons of some of my favorite shows through shady online “sharing” sites.

I still vividly remember the day in high school when one of my friends introduced me to Napster. The first song I ever downloaded was “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger, and the experience changed my life.  I never looked back (well, until I graduated college and had a job and realized that a) I could afford to pay for stuff and b) it actually made me feel better to do so, since I would never under any other circumstances condone stealing and I was tired of being a hypocrite).

So I get it.  Really, I do.  Why pay for something you can get for free? <continue reading>

Thanks so much to Naomi and Crystal for hosting today!!

Exclusive Interview with Isaac! + Review

Always YA at HeartWe’ve got a special treat today on the Shudder Tour – an exclusive interview with Isaac!  Check it out at Always YA at Heart:

Hi Isaac, thank you so much for stopping by to talk to us today (Sigh – he is definitely a hottie).  
(blushing)  Thanks a lot for inviting me, Ellen, I’m happy to be here.

Can you tell us something about yourself that we don’t learn from the book?
I harbor secret fantasies of overthrowing Paragon’s government… and keeping the entire city for myself, muahahahaha!  JUST KIDDING!  Seriously though, I’m a pretty straightforward guy – what you see is what you get, and I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve whether I want to or not, so if you’ve been reading the books, you know me pretty well.

What is your author like?
She’s a sadist!  God forbid she could have sent, I dunno, fluffy bunnies or something chasing after us in the woods…  Haha.  But no, she’s cool.  She just has a very overactive imagination.  At least she gave me Alessa for a partner – I can’t really complain about that at least. <continue reading>

Lots more where that came from, AND an awesome review!  Head to Always YA at Heart for the rest!  And thanks to Ellen for hosting!

Last tour day! HUGE Giveaways, “Reunited” Spinoff Story, Interviews, Reviews & More @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace, Book Mark Belles, The Oaken Bookcase & Reading Romances

Can you BELIEVE it’s the LAST DAY of the Stitch Blog Tour already??  I can’t, that’s for sure!  We’ve got a whole TON of goodies to celebrate this milestone with, including stops at 4 amazing blogs with reviews, interviews, a great spinoff story and GIVEAWAYS:

Head to those stops to enter today!  And don’t miss the rest of the great content up there today as well.  First, at Nomi’s Paranormal Palace a great review and awesome author interview:

Did you do a lot of research to write this book? Alessa does research about wormholes and such, did you research as well or is it all fictional?

Believe it or not, all that wormhole stuff is science!  All of the crazy physics in the book comes directly from Stephen Hawking books or scientific articles online.

The rest of that interview and the review are up at Nomi’s Paranormal Palace today, along with the 3 e-book giveaway!  Next is another review (5 stars!!) and interview at Book.Mark.Belles:

5. What is the hardest part of writing for you?
The hardest part for me is coming up with the ideas for what’s going to happen. When you write, you have the ability to make ANYTHING happen to your characters, so it’s hard to know if you’re going down the right path or not.

Check out the rest of that fun interview and an excellent review at Book.Mark.Belles, and don’t forget to enter the 3 e-book giveaway while you’re there!  Our third stop today is a 4-star review from The Oaken Bookcase – here’s a sneak peek:

The characters are quite likeable and even though we haven’t seen a lot of Isaac yet, it sounds like his relationship with Alessa is going to be very sweet and profound in the next book. Alessa herself, along with the other female characters, seem very strong and capable.  The tension is built up so well once the truth is revealed that at some points I was holding my breath, waiting to see what would happen.

Catch the rest at The Oaken Bookcase today!  And finally, for our VERY LAST STOP, swing by Reading Romances for a spinoff story about Isaac and Alessa’s first night back together (this would fit in right between Ch 35 & 36):

Reunited: Isaac & Alessa’s First Night

Alessa numbly fingered the bare shrub at her feet as Isaac folded the letter and put it back in his pocket.  He reached for her hand, squeezing through the thick gloves.

“Less, it’s okay,” he pleaded, willing her to look at him.

Alessa sighed, shifting uncomfortably on the frozen ground.  She couldn’t stand the thought of being separated from her sister again; she’d only just gotten her back.

Be sure to finish the story at Reading Romances today, and of course, don’t miss that giveaway of 5 signed print copies!!

HUGE, HUGE thanks to Naomi, Lisa & Kelly, Angelya, and Nat for helping the Stitch Blog Tour go out in style today, and to ALL of the incredible bloggers who took part in the tour these past couple months!  You guys are truly amazing and I feel so lucky to have met all of you.

And for Stitch fans, this is not the end!  I will be announcing another big giveaway promotion later this week with TONS of prizes, so if you haven’t been lucky enough to win quite yet, there are many, many more chances coming your way… Stay tuned for details.

Thanks again to all of the readers and fans and bloggers who have contributed to making this tour a success!

Isaac: What’s Worth Fighting For, Giveaway and Review @ The Book Hookup & Shiirleyy’s Bookshelf

The Book HookupDon’t miss a great guest post from Isaac today at The Book Hookup entitled “What’s Worth Fighting For” along with an e-book giveaway!  Here’s a sneak peek:

What’s worth fighting for?  That’s a question that Alessa and I have had to ask ourselves a lot over the course of the Stitch trilogy.  Because when you’re faced with impossible odds, it’s easy to give up.  It’s easy to say, “You know, this is not my job to fix.  I think I’m going to sit this one out.”  And for a long time, that’s just what we did.

Swing by The Book Hookup for the rest, and remember to enter the e-book giveaway while you’re there!

And our second stop today is a review at Shiirleyy’s Bookshelf.  Big thanks to Celeste and Shirley for hosting today!!

Tomorrow we’re at Up In The Bibliosphere and Ed and Em’s Reviews for two reviews and a giveaway!  As long as Hurricane Sandy doesn’t knock out the power here in New York, I’ll see you then!!  (Stay safe!)

Alessa’s “What I Love About Isaac” & Isaac’s “What I Love About Alessa” @ Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy & Book Labyrinth

Awesome guest posts up today at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Book Labyrinth.  First at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy, a post from Alessa recounting what it is about Isaac that she can’t get enough of:

Isaac is, first and foremost, my best friend.  I wish there were a better word to describe it, but there’s not.  I hate the term “soul mate” – it sounds so cheesy and unrealistic – but that’s the closest I can think of.  Isaac is like a part of me, like something buried deep inside that it’d be fatal to remove.  I’ve always been an independent person – I’ve had no other choice – but I need Isaac in a way that I’ve never needed anyone.  I rely on him to be there for me like I rely on… well, my leg.

Don’t miss the rest at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy today, along with an e-book giveaway!  And when you’re done, swing by Book Labyrinth for Isaac’s POV (“What I Love About Alessa”):

To this day, I’ve never met anyone as capable as Alessa.  She’s resourceful and quick and brave.  Yes, she can be moody, sometimes doubting herself and sometimes a little overconfident, and as a result, sometimes she makes mistakes.  But she also takes responsibility for those mistakes, and does what she can to set them right.  She steps up when no one else will, and she’s brave when no one else can find it in themselves to be.  She has an amazing spirit, just unbreakable, like a diamond.  I love Alessa, but I also admire her.  She’s everything I ever wanted to be.

Awww, isn’t he sweet?  Catch the rest and also a review up at Book Labyrinth today!  Huge thanks to Jennifer and Ashley for hosting!!

Stick with the tour this weekend for lots more goodies, including a review, a guest post listing my favorite “Epic Plot Twists” and a 3 e-book giveaway!  Also, ending this weekend is the e-book giveaway at Reading With ABC – remember to stop by and enter!

Announcing New Pages on SamanthaDurante.com – More Stitch Content & Writer Resources

Just wanted to take a minute to announce a couple new pages on the site:

First, we’ve got a new More Stitch Content page with links to all the great spinoff stories, character interviews, and other Stitch trivia available online!  Much of this content is originally from guest posts on the blog tour, so if you’ve been keeping up with the tour there might not be too much new, but if you’ve missed any of the stops, you might find something fun!  And, of course, I’ll be keeping this page up-to-date whenever new Stitch-related content becomes available.

The next page I’d like to announce is a dedicated to Writer Resources and includes handy links to my posts on the self-publishing process, marketing advice, formatting tips and tricks, and more.  Again, if you’ve been keeping up with the blog there might not be much new there, but if you’re a recent visitor to the site and are a new author looking for help, this should be your first stop!

Isaac Interview & Ebook Giveaway @ Reading Between the Wines

Swing by Reading Between the Wines today for an e-book giveaway and a special interview with Isaac!  Here’s a sneak peek:

Samantha: Hi everyone!  Samantha Durante, author of Stitch here, and today I’ll be interviewing our resident heartthrob, Isaac!
Isaac: ‘Resident heartthrob,’ Sam?  Really?
Samantha: Oh, Isaac, don’t be modest.
Isaac: (flushing through his gorgeous sculptured cheekbones) ‘Sculptured cheekbones??’
Samantha: Haha, sorry!  We’ve gotta do it for the ladies!

Catch the rest at Reading Between the Wines today!  Thank you to Crystal for hosting!!

Tomorrow we’re stopping by A Thousand Lives and The Bookshelf Chronicles for a couple reviews, an author interview, and another e-book giveaway!  See you then!

Isaac/Alessa Interview @ A Book Lovers Review

Hi everyone!  The Stitch Blog Tour today is visiting A Book Lovers Review for an exclusive interview between the stars of Stitch, Isaac and Alessa!  Check out this sneak peek:

Alessa: The past few weeks on the Stitch Blog Tour, there’ve been a lot of readers asking for more about Isaac, so I’m here today to conduct a quick interview to help you get to know him and the world we come from a bit better. We’ll start with an easy one – you ready, Isaac?
Isaac: Ready as I’ll ever be, Less.
Alessa: Okay, here we go. Question number one: what makes our relationship special and unique?
Isaac: Whoa! That’s an easy one??

Isaac has a LOT more to say about that topic and about what makes the world that he and Alessa come from different from other dystopian settings (there are some hints in there for those of you wondering what’s coming in Book 2!).  Be sure to read the rest over at A Book Lovers Review today!

Tomorrow we’re headed to The Cover Contessa for spotlight and giveaway!