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“Am I YA?”, Giveaway & Review @ Word Spelunker & An Avid Reader’s Musings

Ever wonder what qualifies a book as “young adult”?  Check out today’s guest post at Word Spelunker to learn how Stitch ended up being classified as YA even though it breaks some of the rules!  Here’s a sneak peek:

What is ‘young adult,’ anyway?  For the answer, I turned to the greatest bastion of internet knowledge known to man: Wikipedia, of course.

Read the rest at Word Spelunker and don’t miss the e-book giveaway while you’re there!

Today we’ve also got a great review up at An Avid Reader’s Musings.  Check it out:

I soon found out that this book was so much more than just ghosts. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! …Durante does a wonderful job of introducing science into STITCH, without it seeming overwhelming… The author also had a wonderful gift of weaving the world building into her story. I find worldbuilding a key element for dystopian novels and Durante is a master.

Catch the rest at An Avid Reader’s Musings today!  Big thanks to Aeicha & Jenna for hosting!!

Tomorrow we’re heading to Beach Bum Reads and Darkest Addictions for a Stitch buddy review!  See you then!

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