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“Am I YA?”, Giveaway & Review @ Word Spelunker & An Avid Reader’s Musings

What is ‘young adult,’ anyway?  For the answer, I turned to the greatest bastion of internet knowledge known to man: Wikipedia, of course.

Read the rest at Word Spelunker and don’t miss the e-book giveaway while you’re there!

Today we’ve also got a great review up at An Avid Reader’s Musings.  Check it out:

I soon found out that this book was so much more than just ghosts. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! …Durante does a wonderful job of introducing science into STITCH, without it seeming overwhelming… The author also had a wonderful gift of weaving the world building into her story. I find worldbuilding a key element for dystopian novels and Durante is a master.

Catch the rest at An Avid Reader’s Musings today!  Big thanks to Aeicha & Jenna for hosting!!

Tomorrow we’re heading to Beach Bum Reads and Darkest Addictions for a Stitch buddy review!  See you then!

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