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Review & “The Ick Factor: How Reality TV Inspired Stitch” @ My World in Words and P

Great review and guest post up today at My World in Words and Pages about the reality TV “ick factor” and how that influenced Stitch.  Here’s a sneak peek:

There’s something about reality TV that just makes my skin crawl.  The logical part of me knows that stars of the show have signed up for this, that they know they’re being exploited and somehow it’s worth it to them anyway, and that obviously this is something viewers want, otherwise these shows wouldn’t be so successful.  But there’s something about it that just seems wrong, that makes me feel like a creep-oid peeping tom peering in on something I shouldn’t be seeing.

Don’t miss the rest up at My World in Words and Pages and be sure to check out the review while you’re there as well!  Many thanks to Melissa for hosting today!

Tomorrow we’re swinging by Head Stuck In A Book and Books and Life for two reviews and a fun game of “This or That” with Janie!  See you then!

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