Stitch Review & Ebook Giveaway @ Sliced Open Reviews

Yes, Samantha Durante, within her debut novel managed to make my head spin! STITCH is a genre bending mixture of New Adult, Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Dystopian with a light dash of Paranormal. Oh and Samantha Durante also managed to do genre bending right. The mixture was smooth, transitioning you from one aspect to the next with fluid writing and…yea…those epic plot twists!

Don’t miss the rest at Sliced Open Reviews today and remember to enter the giveaway while you’re there!  Thanks so much to Kimberly for hosting today!!

Big today tomorrow – 4 stops including a guest post and excerpt about “What’s ‘Safe’ for YA,” 3 author interviews, 2 reviews, and 1 e-book giveaway!

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