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“Suspenseful and…OMG…I need book #3 NOW!!!!” – Review & Giveaway

Big thanks to Christine at Christine’s Blog for the great Shudder review that’s featured as today’s stop on the Shudder Blog Tour!  Here’s a quick snippet:

Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes.  We learn so much more about the characters and the situation they are in. We see their strengths as well as their weaknesses.  I don’t think the right word is weaknesses.  We see how their whole situation is taking a toll on them. I loved certain scenes with Isaac and Alessa when they were just alone. They were my favorite. Bottom line: Surprised how much I liked this one. Suspenseful and…OMG…I need book #3 NOW!!!! <continue reading>

Catch the rest at Christine’s Blog today and also don’t miss another opportunity to enter the big CBL Prize Pack Giveaway!

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