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Adventures of the Travelling Book!

Note: I stole this image from a different Travelling Book group, but pretty awesome packaging, no?

I’m SUPER excited about this great new program that Stitch is participating in – it’s called the Adventures of the Travelling Book, and it basically means that a print copy of Stitch is getting shipped around to a whole bunch of readers all over the world who will write their notes and reactions right in the book and then finally ship it back to me so I can see what everyone had to say about it!  How cool is that??

I found this program through the awesome Lovers of Paranormal group on Goodreads, and I was so honored and flattered when Stitch won the vote to become their very first Travelling Book.

:-D  Can’t wait!  !!!!

Anyway, just wanted to throw this out there in case any of you Stitch fans are interested in participating.  As you know, I always love to hear your thoughts about Stitch, so this is a pretty neat way to share them with me!

Sign-ups are open through the end of this week (Friday 2/8) here:—stitch-by-samantha-durante

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