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Writer Resources

As a first time author, I relied a LOT on advice posted online by other authors, so I thought the least I could do is return the favor!


Here are some resources that might be helpful to you if you’re writing/publishing your first book:

Writing in General
Finding Your Voice

The KEY to becoming a better writer. Hint: It's all about confidence!

How to Write a Novel

A step-by-step guide to getting started on your very own novel!

Why Write a Novel

Everyone's got their own reasons for writing a book - here are mine.

Top 3 Lessons Learned

Reflections on the One Year Anniversary of releasing Stitch

The Birth of a Twist

How I came up with the genre-bending idea for the Stitch Trilogy

What Just Happened??

5 simple steps to execute a mind-blowing plot twist like a pro

On Bad Reviews

Ouch! How to handle the inevitable feedback that *really* hurts

The Glory of the Sequel

Middle books are not “filler” - they're an opportunity for fulfillment!

Pre-Release Jitters

Warning: What goes on inside this head is not pretty!

What's in a Name?

How I came up with the title for Book 2 of the Trilogy (Shudder)

Second Book Syndrome

Why middle books in a series have gotten a bad rap & how to avoid it!

Creative Writing Glossary

A helpful resource recommended by reader & aspiring author Anna!

Why Self-Publish

It's not just for "vanity press" anymore! This is why I decided to do it

Top 5 Things I Love...

...About Being an (Indie) Author! Two words: Total Empowerment

The Self-Published Stigma

Say it with me: You don't need anyone's approval but YOURS

Formatting Woes - Part 1

I figured out the hard stuff so you don't have to! Part 1: print books

Formatting Woes - Part 2

Tips for e-book formatting on Kindle & Smashwords in Part 2

DIY Editing Tips

Typos are the BANE of my existence! How to catch 'em all

Am I YA?

How to determine if your book is really "Young Adult" genre

Thoughts on Cover Art

Make no mistake: Your book will DEFINITELY be judged by its cover!!

Step-by-Step Cover Design

Full walkthrough of the early design process for the Stitch cover

When to Start Marketing

Pros & Cons of a "Grand" Release vs. a quiet "Soft" Launch

Marketing To Do List

Lots of ways to get your book in front of more readers

Finding Reviewers

Tips on getting bloggers & social media reviewers to read your book

On Book Pirates

(Not the "aaargh" kind...) Hey, if you can't beat 'em, appreciate 'em!

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