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Alessa’s “What I Love About Isaac” & Isaac’s “What I Love About A

Awesome guest posts up today at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Book Labyrinth.  First at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy, a post from Alessa recounting what it is about Isaac that she can’t get enough of:

Isaac is, first and foremost, my best friend.  I wish there were a better word to describe it, but there’s not.  I hate the term “soul mate” – it sounds so cheesy and unrealistic – but that’s the closest I can think of.  Isaac is like a part of me, like something buried deep inside that it’d be fatal to remove.  I’ve always been an independent person – I’ve had no other choice – but I need Isaac in a way that I’ve never needed anyone.  I rely on him to be there for me like I rely on… well, my leg.

Don’t miss the rest at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy today, along with an e-book giveaway!  And when you’re done, swing by Book Labyrinth for Isaac’s POV (“What I Love About Alessa”):

To this day, I’ve never met anyone as capable as Alessa.  She’s resourceful and quick and brave.  Yes, she can be moody, sometimes doubting herself and sometimes a little overconfident, and as a result, sometimes she makes mistakes.  But she also takes responsibility for those mistakes, and does what she can to set them right.  She steps up when no one else will, and she’s brave when no one else can find it in themselves to be.  She has an amazing spirit, just unbreakable, like a diamond.  I love Alessa, but I also admire her.  She’s everything I ever wanted to be.

Awww, isn’t he sweet?  Catch the rest and also a review up at Book Labyrinth today!  Huge thanks to Jennifer and Ashley for hosting!!

Stick with the tour this weekend for lots more goodies, including a review, a guest post listing my favorite “Epic Plot Twists” and a 3 e-book giveaway!  Also, ending this weekend is the e-book giveaway at Reading With ABC – remember to stop by and enter!

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