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Announcing “Get Stitched for Valentine’s Day” & Review @ Literary Meanderings

Hi guys!  Sorry for the no-show the past few days – I’ve been migrating this website to a new server, and I was afraid to post anything new for fear I’d lose it in the transition!

Now that we’re back online, I’d like to make a couple announcements:

First, starting on Thursday of this week (February 14th), Stitch is going on tour!  I’m super excited for the “Get Stitched for Valentine’s Day” blog tour hosted by CBL Book Tours!!!

Look at the tour banner – isn’t it pretty?

We’ve got over 30 stops planned in 3 days, including lots of reviews, and of course, an EPIC GIVEAWAY!  More details coming on that on the 14th… :-)

Here’s a link to the full tour schedule.  I’ll be updating that with direct links to the posts as they go live over the next few days.

AND secondly, while the site was under maintenance this weekend, we missed an excellent review from Bookish Sarah over at Literary Meanderings.  Check it out:

World building in dystopia is very very much needed. If you haven’t got that down, you haven’t got anything. Samantha did this superbly. From the very beginning she was laying the foundation for Paragon; even when you weren’t aware it existed yet. … It was very well done. I am extremely impressed that she was able to shock me.

Read more over at Literary Meanderings today (though do be advised that there are a couple spoilers in the review!).  Big thanks to Sarah for hosting Stitch!!

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