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Author Interview & Ebook Giveaway @ Willing to See Less

Today on the tour, head on over to Willing to See Less for an author interview!

Of course, anytime you do something new and different, there’s always the possibility that people won’t like it…  With Stitch, some of the early feedback I received was that the idea was a little “out there.”  Quite a few people encouraged me to tone down the big twist and stick to a more traditional paranormal romance path.  But the beauty of being a writer – and a self-published writer in particular – is that you have the freedom to try whatever you want and see if it sticks.

Lots more at Willing to See Less about what I love about writing, my favorite books and authors, and what I’ve got on my own To-Be-Read shelf!  Thanks to Ivana for hosting!

Stick with the tour tomorrow for another interview at Comfort Books where you’ll learn how I became writer, my advice to aspiring authors, what inspired me to write Stitch and an insightful speed round (“Chicken or Tacos?  Quick!!”).

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