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BAD GUY WEEK Excerpt + Review & Giveaway

Head over to Booking It With Hayley G today as we continue BAD GUY WEEK with another Engineers excerpt, plus an excellent review AND an e-book giveaway!  Here’s a sneak peek of everything Hayley’s got for you today:

Excerpt:The Draftsman met her eyes earnestly.  “Listen, Phoenix.  I know Paragon is not the best place ever created.  But if you were the person you remind me of – if you were my granddaughter – I’d tell you to look at it from this perspective: we’re alive, right?  We’re fed, we’re clothed, and we’re not at war any longer.  Our planet is slowly recovering, and someday we’ll even be able to leave this compound again.  We’ll be able to really start over.” He stroked his beard for a moment before leaning in toward her, his voice barely above a whisper.  “I’ll admit I had more than a few reservations when the Developer first approached me, Phoenix.  But the plans were already in motion, whether I got on board or not.  Perhaps I’m a coward,” he admitted, shame coloring his features, “but I quickly realized that I was better off with them than against them.” <continue reading> Review:People, you have to read this series, it’s so addictive. Shudder continues Alessa and Issac’s journey in escaping the dramatic claws of Paragon, and trying to find their way together in the “real world”. … We see a lot of depth and growth with Alessa in this second installment… [and] It was great to have, once again, a few chapters dedicated to Issac’s narrative. I love this man almost as much as Alessa does … though, and he did give me quite a scare. … Tons of action and adventure to be had in this sequel, much more than its predecessor. I thought the major plot twist of Stitch was bad, but the ending of Shudder was killer! Seriously Samantha?! Come on, what are you trying to do to us with that cliffhanger? haha … If you enjoy great and unique combination of Romance, Dystopian and Sci-fi in your YA, you’ve got to give Durante’s Stitch trilogy a try. <continue reading>

Thanks so much to Hayley for hosting!!

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