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Big Wedding Giveaway Day! 3 Giveaways, “Stitch Movie Dream Cast”, Review & Intervi

BIG STOP on the tour day!  It's my wedding day (ahh!!), so to celebrate, we're having 3 stops today and doing a big giveaway at each of them: first, a signed print copy at Doodle’s Book Blog, next a 3 e-book giveaway at Wickedly Bookish, and finally another 3 e-book giveaway at Kindred Dreamhart.

In addition to all that goodness, we’ve also got a bunch of other great content up today.  There’s a great review up at Doodle’s Book Blog and a fun author interview at Wickedly Bookish – here’s a sneak peek:

The lines of what is classified as YA fiction and what is adult have really blurred in the market lately. Your main character Alessa is a freshman in college. Would you classify Stitch as YA or is it more mature?

Great question! I’ve actually got a blog post about this coming up later in the tour, because this was something I struggled with for a while. Yes, my characters are definitely a little older than your typical YA heroes and heroines, and at first I wondered if this would bar me from being able to call it YA. But in the end, I decided that Stitch was indeed YA, for a couple different reasons.

First, I think the spirit of YA books is more about the essence of coming of age and going through that stage in your life where you’re just starting to figure everything out. But in reality, this happens for everyone at different times, whether you’re 16 or 14 or 22 or 27 – and this is true for the characters in Stitch as well. So, if you look at it from the perspective that my characters are going through the same things as your typical teenage YA character, then I thought that was a pretty clear indicator that Stitch was in the YA spectrum.

And we have a guest post at Kindred Dreamhart featuring the “Stitch Movie Dream Cast” – who I would cast in the roles for Alessa, Isaac, Janie and Joe if I had my choice of actors! (Update: this post is no longer available, but check out the updated version from 2018!)

See you on October 1st when we continue the tour following the honeymoon hiatus –  if you need a Stitch fix while we’re gone, check out any stops you might have missed: full schedule here.

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