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“Blew me away. A spot-on, perfect follow-up to Stitch.” 5-Star Reviews & Interview

Literary Meanderings

First, at Literary Meanderings, the interview (and a giveaway which Sarah was kind enough to throw in herself – THANKS SARAH!), along with a fab review.  Here’s what Sarah had to say about Shudder:

All in all, Shudder blew me away. I can’t even express how much I truly loved it. If you liked Stitch, you will LOVE this book. Even if you were on the fence about Stitch, you will still love this book. I am telling you, it’s fantastic. Multidimensional characters, action-packed adventure, horrifying revelations, beautiful romance, superb writing, and amazing plot twists that’ll leave you with your jaw resting on the floor—for hours. Samantha Durante has delivered a spot-on, perfect follow-up to Stitch. I recommend this book (and the trilogy as a whole) to anyone who is a fan of YA/NA paranormals, science fiction, romance, or just amazingly-freaking-fantastic stories that’ll blow your mind. :) Thank you, Samantha, for one of the best dystopians out there! I’ll be anxiously awaiting the release of Stuck! <continue reading>

Also don’t miss the giveaway and a great interview that touches on everything from series inspiration, the process of writing Shudder, cover art, pet peeves, and of course, a little romance:

LM: What can readers expect from SHUDDER in terms of romance? Samantha: MORE OF IT! There are a handful of steamy scenes between Isaac and Alessa – nothing graphic (sorry, Fifty Shades fans!), but enough to make my beta readers blush (though then again, one of my beta readers is my dad, so take this from where it comes… lol) – and you get to spend a lot more time with them just doing stuff side by side, seeing their relationship and how they depend on each other in different ways. After spending almost the entire book apart in Stitch, it was really nice for Alessa and Isaac to get to be together in Shudder! <continue reading>

And then at our second stop, another amazing review plus an excerpt from fellow author Emma Adams at From the Writer’s Nest!  Here’s a snippet from Emma’s thoughts on Shudder:

Although we don’t get the same twist and genre reversal as we did in Stitch, this dystopian/post-apocalyptic sci-fi world still manages to surprise and shock. The pacing is faster and the action scenes had me on the edge of my seat! I love the lead characters, and even though Alessa has some tough decisions to make, her spirit and her love for Isaac and the others shines though.  With plenty of suspense and a downright scary future world, this is a sequel you don’t want to miss! <continue reading>

And don’t forget about the excerpt!

Strolling through the expanse, Alessa was just beginning to wonder if it was almost time to make camp when the ground in front of her suddenly exploded, dirt spewing in every direction as a series of rapid shots trailed up the lawn heading for her feet.  She jumped back into Isaac and both went tumbling below the grass.  They shimmied on their stomachs to the shield of the massive sculpture, unburdening themselves of their gear once safely behind cover. “What the hell was that?” Isaac gasped. “It sounds like someone’s shooting at us!”  Alessa’s mouth dropped at the realization of what she’d just said.  “Isaac – do you think they’re survivors?” <continue reading>

Thank you SO much to Sarah and Emma for hosting today!!  And if you’re looking for more great summer reading, be sure to check out Emma’s author site for info about her YA paranormal fantasy The Puppet Spell.  Happy reading!

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