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Buddy Review & Print/Ebook Giveaway @ Beach Bum Reads & Darkest Addictions

Ana: –The characters in this book, I thought, really contributed to making the book what it is. Alessa’s character is naïve and lost but at the same time, she has the other feelings that she doesn’t know where they’re coming from, which I think makes her stronger. She knows that there’s something more, something bigger to this picture than what’s in front of her. Then we have Janie, who is a little bubble of sunshine. I absolutely love Janie, she’s… AWESOME! Neyra: Lol I liked Janie’s character too. She seemed to keep Alessa grounded, and though she might have thought Alessa was a little crazy because of her ghost, at least she indulged her in going along with it.

Tomorrow we’re swinging by Bengal Reads for an author interview and giveaway, then Bookworm in Love for a spotlight!

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