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Double Interviews & Giveaways @ Oh, Chrys! & FireStarBooks

Two great author interviews and e-book giveaways up today at Oh, Chrys! and FireStarBooks!

Here’s a sneak preview from the Oh, Chrys! interview:

9. Writing a debut novel must be nerve-wracking, what was your hardest challenge? OMG YES!  It’s SO difficult to share your book with the world because it really puts you out there – this book is me through and through, so I was really nervous to see how readers would react to it.  For example, people who know me have said that it was really interesting to them to read the book and see me writing about all this stuff (ghosts, space-time physics, dystopian societies, etc.) that they didn’t even realize I had an interest in.  And then of course there’s just the general anxiety that your writing actually sucks and no one has had the heart to tell you yet (but you know that the Internet has no such qualms! Haha).  So yes, it’s absolutely nerve-wracking.  But I’ve since learned that it’s also ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT when you see total strangers loving your book and getting really excited about this world and these characters that you dreamt up.  It’s an incredible feeling – there’s really nothing like it.

And here’s one from FireStarBooks:

4. Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members. Teachers!  I had so many great teachers, particularly in high school, who took the time to support my writing.  My English teachers really pushed me to develop my writing by introducing me to different styles of writing and encouraging me to try all different forms of writing so that I could understand my strengths and weaknesses and improve my skills.  And it wasn’t just my English teachers, either – so many of my teachers took the time to comment on the quality of my writing, and it gave me great confidence in my abilities.  My calculus instructor even asked me to write college recommendation letters for other students on his behalf because he thought I would do a better job!  It really gives you a lot of confidence to know that people trust and respect you that much at such a young age – I’m so grateful to all of the wonderful teachers I’ve had over the years, I can’t even tell you.  I actually ended up taking a detour away from writing during college and in my first job, and I absolutely would never have had the confidence to change my path and come back and pursue writing professionally if not for their influence.

Swing by those two great blogs today to catch the rest of the interviews and enter the e-book giveaways!

Big thanks to Christine and Ashley for hosting me!!

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