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“Epic Plot Twists”, Review, Giveaway & Spotlight @ Crys Book Reviews, Collections &

Lots of awesomeness on the tour this weekend!  First up, a guest post at Crys Book Reviews (“EPIC Plot Twists: A List of Favorites”).  Here’s a sneak peek:

****WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!****The Sixth Sense Whoa, whoa!  Bruce Willis has been DEAD this whole time??  And the kid knew???  Insane.  I did NOT see that coming!

Ahhh I LOVE a good twist – don’t you??  Catch the rest at Crys Book Reviews today!  Next up is a 4.5 star review and 3 e-book giveaway at Collections:

That’s one thing I liked about Stitch and why I found it to be so unique. It can’t be pegged to one genre. While it may have started off as a paranormal romance, it drastically transformed into a dystopian sci-fi later on. Having elements of various genres really amplified the mystery and  suspense. I didn’t see lots of things that were revealed coming, and I have to commend the author for managing to keep the story balanced even after adding another major genre into the mix.

The rest up at Collections, and remember to enter the giveaway while you’re there!  And finally, we’ve got a spotlight and excerpt at One A Day YA – stop by and check it out!  HUGE thanks to Crystal, Alexandra & Erika for hosting!!

Stick with the tour tomorrow for a quartet of stops at Books and BeyondBooking It With Hayley GFrodo’s Blog of Randomness, and Twisting Minds One Word at a Time for a giveaway and four reviews!

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