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“Epic Plot Twists”, Review, Giveaway & Spotlight @ Crys Book Reviews, Collections &

****WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!****The Sixth Sense Whoa, whoa!  Bruce Willis has been DEAD this whole time??  And the kid knew???  Insane.  I did NOT see that coming!

That’s one thing I liked about Stitch and why I found it to be so unique. It can’t be pegged to one genre. While it may have started off as a paranormal romance, it drastically transformed into a dystopian sci-fi later on. Having elements of various genres really amplified the mystery and  suspense. I didn’t see lots of things that were revealed coming, and I have to commend the author for managing to keep the story balanced even after adding another major genre into the mix.

Stick with the tour tomorrow for a quartet of stops at Books and BeyondBooking It With Hayley GFrodo’s Blog of Randomness, and Twisting Minds One Word at a Time for a giveaway and four reviews!

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