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Giveaway Hop & Janie Interview @ Ensconced in YA

Stitch is taking part of a truly AWESOME giveaway hop today at Ensconced in YA, with a $5 Amazon giftcard AND an e-book copy as prizes!  And better yet, there’s an amazing interview with Janie in the post!  Here’s a preview:

Thank you so much, Janie, for joining us on Ensconced in YA, for this interview! I would love to hear a little about your background– where you grew up, what you are interested in studying in college, etc. Janie: Thanks so much for having me, Christina!  I’m super excited to be here.  I grew up in an average suburban town not far from my college, Eastern State University, and to be honest, I really don’t know WHAT I want to study yet!  I enrolled in ESU’s liberal arts program, so I’m taking a lot of different classes right now and using my freshman year to figure it all out…  In the meantime, I’ve just been trying to make new friends and get to know the girls in my sorority, Z-E-Pi.  (And if you’re wondering what the REAL answer is, all I can say is that this isn’t *too* far from the truth, but my priorities my first year at ESU were actually a lot more… complicated… than just making friends and picking a major.)

Stop by Ensconced in YA today for the rest, and remember to enter the giveaway while you’re there!  And there are 100 other blogs participating in “Back to the Future: A Giveaway Hop Across Time” so swing by Book Haven Extraordinaire or I Am A Reader, Not A Writer for the whole list of participating blogs and TONS more chances to win!

Thanks so much to Christina of Ensconced in YA for finding this amazing opportunity for Stitch!!

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