Giveaway Reminders! Get in NOW while the chances are good!

Hey Stitch Trilogy fans!  Just wanted to remind you that there are a few e-book giveaways ending soon where there are few (or no!) entries, so if you’re looking to win a free copy of Shudder, these would be some good places to enter!  (But ACT FAST since some are ending in only a few hours!)

  1. The Red Reader (currently 0 entries, ends today)

  2. Bex N Books (currently 170 entries, ends today)

  3. Book Cover Justice (currently 29 entries, ends in 2 days)

  4. Books & Life – PRINT COPY GIVEAWAY (currently 22 entries, ends in 4 days)

  5. The Cover Contessa (currently 114 entries, ends in 4 days)

  6. Contagious Reads (currently 37 entries, ends in 8 days)

  7. Reading Between the Wines (currently 61 entries, ends in 10 days)

  8. The Muse Unleashed (currently 4 entries, ends in 11 days)

Happy winning!

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