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Guest Post: How To Get Free Kindle Books Sent Directly to Your Email Address

Here’s a helpful and informative guest post from Eric at (not to be confused with about how you can use his totally FREE service to get alerts about free and cheap Kindle deals (like Stitch and Shudder!).  Check it out:

Most of you reading this are probably aware that there are a lot of free kindle books available to download every day. The problem is searching through all the categories and finding the books that are indeed free.

Well a new website called Free Ebooks Daily will do all the searching for you, and provide you with free and discounted ebooks 7 days a week.

How Does it Work?

First you will need to sign up with your name and email address on the home page of the site. Then, you will need to confirm your free subscription by clicking the link in your email and you’re all set!

All you need to do now is wait for your daily email alerts when they send you free and discounted kindle books.

What Types of Book Do They Send?

They send all types of ebooks from non-fiction to fiction, and a variety of genres including:

-Romance -Mystery and Thrillers -Biographies -Recipe Books -Horror -Entertainment …and lots more!

At you can have access to the most popular best seller kindle books available. Best of all, it’s 100% free to join and you can unsubscribe at any time!

So if you are looking for great free ebooks to download to your device, make sure to check out Free Ebooks Daily.

Thanks Eric for stopping by and sharing this with readers!

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