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Happy 4th! New Excerpt & Giveaway @ Willing to See Less

Happy 4th of July to readers celebrating in the US today!  Before you head out to the beach or BBQ today, check out a new excerpt and an e-book giveaway at Willing to See Less!  Here’s a sneak peek:

The crowd replied with a deafening roar of condemnation, snarling and howling like a rabid animal just itching for blood.  As the mob whipped itself into a frenzy, she could feel his wry smile branding itself into her back.  His job was done – now all he had to do was watch. Finally the tears came, a single drop of heartache snaking its way down her cheek.  So that was his plan – he would use her to draw out the allies of the resistance, and if they didn’t save her from the wrath of the mob, so be it – one less rebel to deal with.  She was glad then that her face was covered, that they could not see her break. Because someone did come forth then, but not the savior she’d been holding out for.  No, on the contrary – someone had cast the first stone. <continue reading>

Swing by Willing to See Less for the rest, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway while you’re there!  Thanks so much to Ivana for hosting!!

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