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Haunted Halloween Spinoff Story, 2 Reviews, 2 Giveaways & Interview @ A Life Bound By Books

I'm super excited today to participate in the Haunted Halloween blog hop with an original spinoff story titled The Apparition. This is the tale of Alessa's very first encounter with the ghost! Check it out at A Life Bound by Books:

Still rousing from her slumber, Alessa muddled through her feelings trying to figure out what had disturbed her.  With a gasp, she realized she wasn’t alone. Her heart in her throat, Alessa peeked through her eyelashes to see if she could find the intruder.  She steadied her breathing as best she could, hoping that whoever was there hadn’t noticed she was awake.  If it was some kind of burglar – or worse – her best chance would be to take him by surprise.

Don’t miss the rest at A Life Bound by Books, including the giveaway of both a signed print copy AND an e-book, and the review!  And there’s lots more spooky excitement from the Haunted Halloween event going on all month long at A Life Bound by Books and Confessions of a Bookaholic, including real scary stories from lots of great authors and TONS of giveaway!  Isn’t Halloween the best?  Thanks so much to Lisa for including Stitch in all the fun!

Next up today is another great review, a super fun author interview, and another e-book giveaway at For the Love of Film and Novels.  Here’s a snippet:

Since Halloween is coming up already, do you have a favorite tradition in celebrating it, if you do at all?  I LOVE Halloween, but I never get to celebrate it enough.  This was actually a trivia question at my wedding and no one believed that it’s my favorite holiday, including my husband!  I guess the fall just tends to be busy for us, so I actually haven’t had an opportunity to really dress up and do something fun since, well, college.  Boo.  But I’m hoping to start a new tradition once we’re settled in our new house and host a demented Christmas party a la Nightmare Before Christmas!  I feel like that would redeem my lack of Halloween spirit the last few years.

Catch the rest at For the Love of Film and Novels today!  Big thanks to Marissa for hosting!!

See you tomorrow at YA Book Addict and Read My Mind for two more reviews and a giveaway!

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