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How Resident Evil Inspired Stitch – Guest Post @ The Aussie Zombie

REALLY excited to share with you a guest post that is very near and dear to my heart – it’s about how one of my all-time favorite videogames, Resident Evil, inspired me to write Stitch!  It’s up today at

The Aussie Zombie – here’s a preview:

Ever since the first Resident Evil came out in 1996 when I was the tender age of 11, my family has been sitting down together to thrash zombies and all the other nightmarish Bio Organic Weapons dreamed up by the geniuses at Capcom in an effort to rid the world of the ravages of the horrific T-/G-/t-Veronica-/X-/etc.-viruses. Initially, this wholesome ritual began as a fun way to pass the time while my older cousin babysat me and my younger brothers. He would play and we would watch and this would often result in all of us running screaming from the room when the game took an unexpectedly scary turn. No, they didn’t have 1080p HD graphics in 1996, but they had clever gameplay and lots of pixelated blood and we had imaginations. I can still remember the good old days when my brothers couldn’t sleep unless the game’s case – with its gruesome zombie-laden cover – was safely tucked out of view.

Ahh, this brings back such good memories!  If you’re a fan of the series (or of videogames in general), you definitely don’t want to miss this post – stop by The Aussie Zombie to check it out!

Thanks so much to fellow RE fan Kat for hosting me!!

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