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INSPIRATION WEEK – “Inspiration for Shudder’s Setting” + Excerpt, Reviews &#

INSPIRATION WEEK is kicking into high gear once again with two awesome stops at Book Briefs and FUONLYKNEW!  First, stop by Book Briefs for the guest post “Inspiration for Shudder’s Setting” plus an amazing review and e-book giveaway – here’s a sneak peek:

From the guest post:Ever sprint out of the movie theater for a mid-show bathroom break, only to find yourself alone amongst the rows and rows of stalls in your multiplex’s ladies room? Or how about coming out of work late and realizing yours is the only car left in the big, empty parking structure, each of your steps echoing as you scurry across the lot fumbling for your keys? Can you imagine finding yourself – as one of my friends did while the power was out during Hurricane Sandy – scuttling down 40 blocks of a deserted, pitch-dark avenue in NYC, with only a flailing cell phone for light, the backpack on your shoulders your lone defense against whomever might want to do you harm? If you didn’t inwardly shudder in response to at least one of those scenarios, you’re made of stronger stuff than I am.  To me, there’s nothing creepier than a place that’s *supposed* to be filled with people, but isn’t. <continue reading> From the review: But Stitch is more than just a cool concept. It is honestly one of the best dystopians that I have read in a long time. And book two, Shudder did not disappoint. It is such a kick ass sequel. So much is going on! There is action from page one. … My favorite part about Shudder is that you finally get some more answers about everything that is going on. … Samantha did an awesome job weaving in some of the backstory from the first book into this book. It really helped jog my memory about what happened in the story. I really enjoy Samantha Durante’s writing style. It is very engaging. Alessa and Issac and the whole gang of characters all play big roles in this story. … Shudder is a story that really builds. It just kept getting better and better right until the end! I think I liked Shudder even more than I liked Stitch! This is a must read. <continue reading>

Next, head over to FUONLYKNEW for an excerpt (related to the guest post) plus a fabulous 5-star review and yet another giveaway!

From the excerpt: Alessa looked back to Isaac, who was crouched and picking among the broken glass.  She watched him slip something into his pocket, but before she could ask what he’d found, a loud bang echoed from down the hall ahead of them. Isaac looked up at her at once and they both froze, waiting.  The tension of the silence clotted in the air as Alessa held her breath in suspense.<continue reading> From the review: I finished reading Shudder in one sitting, never taking a break.  I could feel it in the authors writing, I was nearing the end of the book. No, not yet! … Samantha started to wrap up the ending while subtly layering in leads to the finale, Stuck. the last book in this trilogy. I liked that. Sure, I didn’t get all of the answers I wanted, but I did get a lot of insight into what the ‘stitch’was and why and how it was used. … I felt twinges of The Matrix and Aeon Flux while reading this. Shudder reads like a dystopian, post-apocalyptic science fiction story. The author did an amazing job of blending these genre into an exciting, addictive series. <continue reading>

Thanks so much to Michelle and Laura for hosting today!  Most INSPIRATION WEEK coming tomorrow!!

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