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INSPIRATION WEEK – “Inspiration for The Dumpster Scene” + Review, Excerpt & G

Continuing INSPIRATION WEEK, today we’ve got a guest post at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile about “Inspiration for ‘The Dumpster Scene'” followed by a bunch of goodies at Coco’s Bookish Adventures including an excerpt from the aforementioned ‘Dumpster Scene’ plus a review and giveaway!  Here’s a sneak peek:

From the guest post: Even though the Stitch Trilogy is not exactly about zombies, as you may already know, I count the Resident Evil videogame series (which I’ve been playing since the tender age of 11) as one of the major influences on my writing. And in Shudder (Stitch Trilogy, Book 2), there’s one aspect where I must give credit where credit is due: thank you, Resident Evil, for inspiring the idea for the creatures, and in particular, ‘The Dumpster Scene.’ Resident Evil has a long history of pitting its main characters against seemingly impossible odds – mutant creatures with superhuman strength and deadly agility, hordes of zombified undead, deep dark corporate conspiracies led by individuals with no constraints on their resources or power. The game – especially in the early iterations when health supplies and ammo were limited, and old-school gameplay/graphics limitations left the player with only a modicum of control – is terrifying because your character is *nearly* helpless. In contrast to most shoot-‘em-up games (and even the more recent releases in the RE series) – where if you’re just good enough at aiming your weapon you can generally blast your way out of anything – in the classic Resident Evil games, your best bet a lot of times is to run. <continue reading> From the excerpt:The crunch of broken glass outside the dumpster broke Isaac’s train of thought. Alessa looked up at him with alarm and he just held her tighter in his arms, his ears straining to track the movement of the sound. The noise moved back and forth, back and forth, as if someone were pacing only steps away from the dumpster. Isaac held his breath, his pulse pounding in his ears, his skin crawling with every snap reverberating through the empty dumpster.<continue reading>

Thanks so much to Jessica and Chloe for hosting today!!

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