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Interview & Giveaway @ Here’s the Story + “Get Stitched” Giveaway

First, a quick reminder – the big swag-pack giveaway from the “Get Stitched for Valentine’s Day” tour is ending in just a few days!  But that’s still plenty of time to rack up some final entries – swing by any of the stops on the tour to enter.  :-)

Also, here’s a link to a great interview and a new Stitch e-book giveaway at Here’s the Story.  It was a really fun interview – here’s a preview:

I know personally that sometimes the writing process can be tedious (like when you’re going through the umpteenth round of editing). What motivates your writing? Readers!  Definitely.  At first I thought the joy of the writing itself was as good as it could get, but then after I published Stitch, I realized that having other people actually READ your work is the best part!  So the opportunity to share the story with other people is absolutely what drives me when I’m hitting a rough stretch.  Between my beta readers (who are NOT shy of reminding me each week that they’re itching for new chapters!) and all the readers who are eagerly awaiting sequel, I have all the motivation I need to keep making progress on the next chapter.  There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing other people get excited about your work.  Thank you, readers, for making this experience so amazing!!

Catch the rest at Here’s the Story today, and don’t forget to enter the e-book giveaway while you’re there!  Thank you SO much to Nickie for hosting me!!

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