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Interview, Giveaway & Review @ Colorimetry & Books and Such

First, head over to Colorimetry today for a new author interview as part of the YA Paranormal Hop!

Next up, an awesome 5-star review at Teri Polen’s Books & Such – here’s a sneak peak:

One of the things I liked the most was the surprise of it all.  Beginning with what I thought was a YA paranormal ghost story, it evolved into what I’d classify as New Adult dystopian.  I’m a huge fan of both paranormal and dystopian/sci-fi, so I was one happy girl.  I’ve read my share of dystopian novels and I have to say, this was a unique setting to me.

Swing by Books & Such for the rest!  I’ll also be doing an interview with Teri coming up soon!  :-)

Big big thanks to Laura and Teri for hosting Stitch!!

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