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Interview @ Sarcasm & Lemons

Sarcasm & Lemons

Thanks so much to CJ at Sarcasm & Lemons for hosting me today for a great interview!  From favorite reads to book crushes to publishing/writing advice, we covered a LOT of ground!  Check it out at Sarcasm & Lemons today – here’s a quick preview:

So, let’s start with a bit about you.  What was your favorite childhood read, and what is your favorite adult read? Childhood read was absolutely The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  To this day, I’m OBSESSED with having a secret garden… sigh, one day, one day.  Ooh, adult read is a bit tougher.  Even though it’s young adult fiction, I’d still have to go with the Harry Potter series – after all, I was an “adult” by the time I’d read half of it.  There’s just nothing like going back to Hogwarts.  When I want to get lost for a few days, that’s where I go.  :-)

Stop by Sarcasm & Lemons for the rest!  And next week we’ll be heading back for a review.  :-)

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