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Isaac/Alessa Interview @ A Book Lovers Review

Hi everyone!  The Stitch Blog Tour today is visiting A Book Lovers Review for an exclusive interview between the stars of Stitch, Isaac and Alessa!  Check out this sneak peek:

Alessa: The past few weeks on the Stitch Blog Tour, there’ve been a lot of readers asking for more about Isaac, so I’m here today to conduct a quick interview to help you get to know him and the world we come from a bit better. We’ll start with an easy one – you ready, Isaac? Isaac: Ready as I’ll ever be, Less. Alessa: Okay, here we go. Question number one: what makes our relationship special and unique? Isaac: Whoa! That’s an easy one??

Isaac has a LOT more to say about that topic and about what makes the world that he and Alessa come from different from other dystopian settings (there are some hints in there for those of you wondering what’s coming in Book 2!).  Be sure to read the rest over at A Book Lovers Review today!

Tomorrow we’re headed to The Cover Contessa for spotlight and giveaway!

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