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Isaac Interview & Ebook Giveaway @ Reading Between the Wines

Today I'm at Reading Between the Wines to interview Isaac!

Samantha: Hi everyone!  Samantha Durante, author of Stitch here, and today I’ll be interviewing our resident heartthrob, Isaac! Isaac: ‘Resident heartthrob,’ Sam?  Really? Samantha: Oh, Isaac, don’t be modest. Isaac: (flushing through his gorgeous sculptured cheekbones) ‘Sculptured cheekbones??’ Samantha: Haha, sorry!  We’ve gotta do it for the ladies!

Catch the rest at Reading Between the Wines today!  Thank you to Crystal for hosting!!

Tomorrow we’re stopping by A Thousand Lives and The Bookshelf Chronicles for a couple reviews, an author interview, and another e-book giveaway!  See you then!

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