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It’s finally here: Shudder-o-Meter reaches 100%!!!

Put on your party hats, people – I’ve got news!  As of about 15 minutes ago, the Shudder-o-Meter is 100% complete!!!


Shudder-o-Meter: 100%

That’s right!  After a MARATHON weekend of writing, the first draft is finished, fini, finito, caput!

And I’m so, so excited about how it turned out.  No beta reader comments yet – I need to give them a few days to read the final chapters – but I’ll post some as soon I hear back from them.  Trust me, after the last chapter… they’re going to have some things to say.  <Evil grin.>

Update coming soon!  :-D

Update: Here’s a link to the beta reader reactions.

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