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Janie & Alessa: Move-In Day at Eastern State University (Guest Post)

This content was originally posted on as part of the Stitch Blog Tour in 2012.

Samantha: Hey everyone! This is Samantha Durante, author of Stitch, and I’m here today with Alessa and Janie from Stitch to do a quick interview and help you get to know them better.

Janie: Hi everybody!

Alessa: Hey guys. (smiles)

Samantha: Okay, let’s get started! Why don’t you guys tell me a little bit about the first time you met at Eastern State University?

Alessa: (looks at Janie and laughs)

Janie: (laughing) It’s actually a good story. (to Alessa) You start.

Alessa: Okay. So, I’m in my new room at Z-E-Pi, unpacking. I had this new little minifridge – not the tiny one that sits on your desk, a half-sized one – and it’s in a box. One of the guys helping with move-in had carried it up the steps for me and put it in the right spot, so I only needed to get it out of the box and plug it in and I should be all set.

Janie: Sounds pretty simple, right? (laughs)

Alessa: (gives Janie a knowing look and continues) So I use my keys to rip the tape and open the top of the box, but when I go to rip off the rest of the box, I can’t.

Janie: (snorting to herself) Haha, I’m sorry, it’s just I know what’s coming… and the image in my head… (tries to stifle her laughter and fails)

Alessa: (smiles and rolls her eyes) Anyway, I’m ripping at this box and it’s just not working. For some reason it’s a really thick cardboard, and the sides are stapled together with these industrial-strength staples instead of tape like the top, and nothing I do seems to be working. I hadn’t unpacked the box with my desk stuff yet and didn’t know where it was, so I didn’t have any scissors or anything, and honestly, that box was so thick, they probably wouldn’t have done anything anyway. So I decide the only course of action is for me to pick it up the refrigerator out of the box.

Janie: (trying really hard not to smile) Meanwhile, I’m in my room making up my bed when I hear this faint cry from down the hall…

Alessa: (shakes her head and laughs)

Janie: (still trying not to smile) At first I’d thought I’d made it up, until I hear this GRUNTING.

Alessa: (buries her face in her hands)

Janie: So I’m like, “What’s going on over there?” and I decide to go check it out. I could hear some kind of commotion coming from Alessa’s room, but the door is shut and I’m a little hesitant to just barge in…

Alessa: Good thing you did.

Janie: But then curiosity gets the better of me and I’m just like, “What the hell,” and open the door. And what do I find –

Alessa: (moans and shakes head)

Janie: (grinning) – but this idiot pinned under her refrigerator on her bed!

Alessa: It attacked me.

Janie: (guffaws) All I could see was a fridge with four splayed limbs flailing in every direction. It was… not what I was expecting. (laughing hysterically)

Alessa: I could not get it off me!

Janie: (giggling) And she was too embarrassed to call for help! What, were you planning to sleep that way?

Alessa: I would have gotten it eventually!

Janie: (raises an eyebrow) Right.

Alessa: (sighing) The guy who carried up just made it look so easy… I wasn’t expecting it to weigh as much as it did. And I lifted it out of the box okay… but then I lost my balance and stumbled backwards and fell on the bed, and the damn thing landed on me!

Janie: (still laughing) Seriously, a fridge with arms and legs. It was classic.

Alessa: It was crushing my chest!

Janie: It wasn’t that heavy.

Alessa: We’ll lay the fridge on you next time and see if you still feel that way.

Janie: Hahaha. Okay, fine, it was a bit of a struggle to free her. We basically had to roll it off and ease it onto the ground. And then your face was BEET red, do you remember?

Alessa: How could I forget…

Janie: And we were basically best friends from that point on.

Alessa: (wry smile) My knight in shining armor.

Janie: Don’t you forget it!

Alessa: (laughs) So that’s the story of how we met at ESU.

Samantha: Well that certainly sounds like quite the adventure!

Janie: But not nearly as exciting as what else was in store for us later that semester…

Alessa: That’s for sure.

Samantha: Well thank you guys so much for sharing that with us today – if you want to hear more from Alessa and Janie, check out their full story in Stitch!

Janie: And stick with us on the blog tour! The full schedule is here.

Alessa: Yup, we’ve still got a LOT more stops to go between now and the end of October…

Samantha: So plenty more coming from the characters of Stitch! Thanks for stopping by!

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