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Last call for Shudder requests!

Hey Stitch fans – exciting news!  In the next few weeks I’m going to begin writing Shudder, so this is your LAST CHANCE to give me feedback on what you want to see in the next book of the trilogy.

What questions were you left with at the end of Stitch?  Who do you want to see more of? What are you hoping will happen between Alessa and Isaac?  Whatever you’ve got to say, I want to hear it!

So far, these are the requests I’ve picked up from your reviews:

  1. More romance between Isaac and Alessa

  2. More action

  3. More explanation of how Paragon came to be

  4. More Isaac

  5. More Janie

  6. More Nikhil (note: I wasn’t originally planning to bring Nikhil back, but I’ve revised the story line to incorporate this request since I heard from so many people – I really AM listening!)

  7. And keep bringing the twists!

Do you agree with the above?  And is there anything else you’d like me to take note of before I start putting Shudder to paper?  Let me know your thoughts in this quick Facebook poll.  (Or just go ahead and leave a comment or email me!)

Thanks again for all your support!  I can’t WAIT to get started on Shudder!

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