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LAST CHANCE to Grab Stitch for Free!

Just wanted to post a quick reminder that today is the LAST DAY that Stitch will be available for free on Amazon!  If you haven’t gotten a copy yet (or haven’t told someone you think should know), do it now please!

Also remember to enter the giveaway so I can thank you for all your help in sharing the news!

And in case you or someone you know does happen to miss the free days, I’ve got some good news: I’ll be dropping the price of Stitch to $0.99 this week (so *almost* free!).  AND since my exclusivity agreement with Amazon is over, Stitch will also become available again on Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and likely any other e-book retailer you can think of in the next couple weeks, all at the same low price.  :-)  So lots of goodness all around.

Thanks again for all your help spreading the word about Stitch!  As of right now, over 21,000 copies (!!!) have been downloaded since Friday.  Couldn’t have done it without your help!

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