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Midnight by Alexandra Lanc Blog Hop

Congrats to fellow indie author Alexandra Lanc on the release of her new novella Midnight!  

I’m very excited to bring you a stop on the Midnight Blog Hop – check it out below!

Oh, and don’t miss the AWESOME giveaway towards the end of this post!  You can win the opportunity to NAME A CHARACTER in her next book and decide their fate!  How cool is that??

Midnight by Alexandra Lanc

Midnight, a Knight Blood Novella by Alexandra Lanc

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban, Vampires Available at: Amazon, Smashwords Add to: Goodreads

Life has always seemed impossible for IxBryn Rowan, and it’s about to get even more complicated. 

IxBryn is a Knight Blood, an immortal human rendered by science to bring about harmony between the two races of Earth, the humans and the vampires — at least, that was the plan. A terrible tragedy occurred, and IxBryn is now the only surviving Knight, hunted for the potency of her blood, which will render any Immortal nearly unstoppable for a time. 

With nowhere left to turn, IxBryn makes her way to Variance, the most prestigious and important City on Earth, to stay with her cousin Bristol, the only person alive who truly understands her, and in turn stumbles upon a secret war breeding within the shadows — a struggle in which she soon becomes the prize. 

With danger at every turn, IxBryn may have to learn to rely on those who appear untrustworthy — even the labeled sociopath Zarrod Kingsbury, an Ancient vampire, and one of the Elite, who has interests of his own. 

The first novella in the Knight Blood series, Midnight introduces readers to a parallel Earth, where vampires roam free, fate is never concrete, and where home can be found in the strangest of places. 

Publisher’s Note: This novella series contains violence and suggestive material, and may not be suitable for all readers. 

My Thoughts

Midnight was a fast-paced adventure in an imaginative setting filled with believable, life-like characters and lots of action to keep the story moving along.  And at around 50,000 words, it’s a very satisfying length for a novella (really more of a short novel, whereas I tend to think of most novellas as just short stories).

My initial impression was that the writing style actually reminded me a lot of H. P. Lovecraft – that interesting mix of formal tone with conversational commentary from the main character.  The writing suited the setting well, as Midnight was set in a place that’s a curious mix of old and new (picture sailing on a wooden tall ship to a city gleaming with skyscrapers).  The world-building was imaginative and unlike others I’ve seen, and I especially liked the descriptions of the singing/feeling emanated by the Knight Bloods that drives all the vampires crazy.

IxBryn is a solid strong female lead – which is always a plus in my book – and the supporting characters were well-defined and believable.  Zarrod, the male lead, was a complex dominant type that reminded me of Christian Grey or Edward Cullen, but in a less creepy way.  The relationship and power dynamics between IxBryn and Zarrod actually reminded me strongly at times of 50 Shades or Twilight (both of which I thoroughly enjoyed, so that’s a compliment), but unlike the main characters in those books, IxBryn is a much more take-charge kind of girl – though the reality of her situation sometimes leaves her in need of help, which is where Zarrod and his impressive powers and high social station come in handy.

Overall, Midnight was a fun and imaginative read, recommended to lovers of vampire tales and urban fantasy.  Though be forewarned – the cliffhanger ending will leave you itching to know what comes next!


Up for grabs: 2 e-book copies of Midnight AND – the coolest prize ever-  the opportunity to name a character in her next book and decide that character’s fate!

About the Author

Alexandra Lanc is an American author who writes New Adult, Young Adult, and Adult in a variety of genres including fantasy, science-fiction, contemporary, poetry, horror, and more. Alexandra has been writing since she was small, and draws inspiration from her friends, dreams, and the world around her.

Alexandra is a big supporter of fellow authors, and writing communities. She participates in and supports NaNoWriMo, and is a moderator for the New Adult Authors community on Google+.

Alexandra is also an artist, and her artwork can be found on her book covers.

Visit Alexandra on the web at Visit Alexandra’s blog: Words Of The Worlds Follow Alexandra on Twitter: @AuthorLanc Follow Alexandra on Google+: Alexandra Lanc Alexandra’s Goodreads Page: Alexandra Lanc

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