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Milestone: 1,000+ Adds on Goodreads & NEW Giveaway Prize!!

Ahh!  Another milestone reached this morning!  Drum roll please… OVER 1,000 PEOPLE have added Stitch on Goodreads!!!  Here’s the proof!

1,000 Adds on Goodreads!

Screenshot of my Goodreads Author Dashboard – 1,000 Adds!

So exciting!!  Thank you to everyone for your support!

To celebrate, I’m adding another AWESOME prize to the HUGE November Giveaway (I’m giddy about this one!  It’s so cool!!): a Stitch Litograph poster!

What is a Litograph, you ask?  Well, friend, you are in for a treat!  A Litograph is an image that’s actually composed all ALL OF THE WORDS of an ENTIRE BOOK!  Look how neat this is:

Alice in Wonderland Litograph

When you zoom in real close, you can see that the colors are actually really tiny printed words!

Since I got in early and contributed to the company’s Kickstarter fund, I was able to arrange to have a CUSTOM Litograph designed for Stitch!  More details about the design coming soon, but you can get in NOW by entering the November Giveaway below for your chance to win!  (One caveat – this prize is limited to US only for shipping cost purposes, sorry!)

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