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Quiz: Which Stitch BAD Guy Are You? - Guest Post

This content was originally posted on as part of the Stitch Blog Tour in 2012.

Thanks so much to Tara for hosting the Stitch Blog Tour today!

To help you get the know the characters from Stitch a little better, here’s a short quiz which will tell you which Stitch bad guy you’re most like:

1. What was your favorite subject in school?

A. Computer Science.

B. Biology.

C. History.

D. Economics.

E. Math.

2. True or false: all people were created equal.

A. I believe that all people deserve life equally, but some prove to be more valuable than others.

B. If you knew anything about genetics, you would know that that is absolutely false.

C. Ha! False.

D. True – it is only the constructs of our unjust society that keep most people from seeing that.

E. True, but some are more clever than others, and you’re generally better off being on their side.

3. What outfit do you most commonly wear?

A. I wear whatever I please – usually a snarky videogame t-shirt, glasses, and jeans.

B. A lab coat.

C. A military uniform.

D. My trusty tweed jacket and a tattered briefcase filled with research notes.

E. A flannel shirt and corduroys.

4. What are your views on women?

A. Women can be useful, but I’ve yet to meet one who really impressed me on an intellectual level.

B. Women are a necessary ingredient for the continuation of the human race.

C. Women are only good for one thing. Do I need to spell it out for you?

D. Women are people like anyone else. But they can be a little too… emotional for my taste.

E. Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off if women were in charge…

5. When something goes wrong, who is responsible for setting things right?

A. Whoever has the resources to do so.

B. Whoever has the best knowledge and most logical proposal.

C. The only way to set things right is by punishing those who deserve it.

D. We’re all responsible for our shared fate.

E. I believe whoever made the mistake should take responsibility, but only rarely does that happen.

Okay, now tally up your score! How many did you choose of each letter? Here are the results:

Mostly A’s – The Developer

You may not have been the most popular kid in school, but your childhood bullies are all pumping your gas now, so who cares? Your brains have always set you apart from your peers, and you’ve used that asset to, well, grow your assets. And now you’re used to calling the shots. After all, you earned your way to the top by being better than everyone else, so why shouldn’t you be in charge?

Mostly B’s – The Doctor

Science and logic are your moral compasses, and you prioritize your role in the improvement of the human race over all else. Your duty is to understand the facts and use that knowledge to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved, even if that means making a few sacrifices along the way.

Mostly C’s – The General

You’ve finally weaseled your way into a position of power, and you plan to exploit that power to the fullest. With an army at your disposal and an unmatched mind for combat, you’d like to see someone try to stand in your way. The world and its treasures are there for your taking, and take them you will, with or without anyone else’s consent.

Mostly D’s – The Economist

Underneath your frumpy exterior is a heart of gold, or at least that’s what you tell yourself. An idealist in the truest sense of the word, you just want what’s best for everyone (and luckily you happen to know what that is!). Though you prefer quiet research in the company of books to confrontation with the alpha males around you, you’re passionate about your cause and are willing to do what it takes to make your dreams for the world a reality.

Mostly E’s – The Draftsman

Numbers are your favorite companions – so clear cut, so organized, all there in black and white on the page in front of you. Unlike life, which is messy and chaotic and shadowed with gray. You’ve learned over the years that the only way to make it through unscathed is to put yourself first, even if that means compromising your integrity here and there. But at the end of the day, your projects and your numbers are enough to distract you from the things you’ve done, and you always manage to muddle through.

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