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Review & Ebook Giveaway @ Books With Bite & Twisting Minds

I’ve read plenty of books where things aren’t always what they seem. I do manage to pick up little hints here or there that make me think. Stitch took me completely by surprise. Once settle in the book I thought, “Oh cool, a ghost story.” Psssh, NOT. AT. ALL. This little surprise in the book picked up my imagination like never before.

Head over to Books With Bite to catch the rest today!  And don’t miss the e-book giveaway starting today at Twisting Minds One Word at a Time!  (There was a great review and author interview there earlier this week as well!)

Huge thanks to Savannah and Brandi for hosting today!!

Lots more goodness coming on the tour this weekend (the last weekend of the tour already!), including twin guests posts at A Dream Within A Dream and Michelle Shouts Random on why I chose the dystopian and paranormal romance genres and a guest post from Isaac on “What’s Worth Fighting For” at The Book Hookup!  Can’t wait!!

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