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Review & Giveaway @ Bitsy Bling

Awesome new review AND a giveaway (signed print copy + e-book!) up today at Bitsy Bling.  Check it out:

Stitch is truly a genre-stretching novel mashing up paranormal romance and dystopia science fiction to create a wholly original and intense indie sensation. … The book is a well orchestrated read that is thematically complex, as well as, intriguingly entertaining. Durante maintains steady control over world building and time jumping, while including various character perspectives. This takes tremendous skill and is a tedious process to prefect during early drafting. I admire the flow, transitions, past, present, reality and alternative reality maze. I have no idea how she pulled it off, but it was wonderful to read a work that demands so much attention from its creator. It truly is impressive. Many kudos!

Head over to Bitsy Bling for the rest, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway while you’re there!  Huge thanks to Charlie for taking the time to read and review Stitch!!

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