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Review & Interview @ WinterHaven Books

Today on the tour I'm visiting WinterHaven Books for an interview and this awesome review!

What a great debut novel by Samantha Durante! Stitch was nothing what I expected. I purposely stayed away from the reviews and blurbs because I wanted to experience this novel from a fresh perspective. So color me impressed when I thought I was jumping into a paranormal ghost story, then later to discover there was a dystopic twist to the world building, and ultimately deciding it was probably more scifi because of certain unique elements Durante weaved into her story-telling.

Read the rest over at WinterHaven Books!  And don’t miss a great author interview that touches on reality TV creepiness and who the Stitch characters are based on!

Tomorrow we’re stopping by Every Free Chance Book Reviews for another review, a guest post on “Overcoming the Self-Published Stigma” and a 3 e-book giveaway – see you there!

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