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Reviews & Guest Posts: Why Paranormal Romance & Dystopian @ A Dream Within A Dream &

I’m a para-geek. There’s no denying it. Anything that has to do with anything paranormal just hooks my interest. As a kid, I played with Ouija boards and voodoo dolls, watched any scary movie I could get my hands on (October on the SyFy channel = AWESOME), even ran a lemonade stand in the local graveyard! Tim Burton was (and continues to be) my favorite director (Beetlejuice, anyone?), and whenever there’s nothing on TV, I always seem to find myself watching reruns of one of those terrible ghost hunting shows. I know this is weird, but I just can’t help myself.

We’ve all seen the news reports the past couple years – between the economy, the environment, and the unending global violence, it’s pretty obvious: our world is on a downward spiral. At least, it certainly feels like that sometimes. And when you look into the future and it’s all of a sudden unclear where things are going, it gets you thinking: what if things actually got worse? Like, much worse? What would it be like? Am I prepared? Could I survive?

Catch the rest at Michelle Shouts Random, and don’t miss her 4.5 star review while you’re there!  Huge thanks to Stephanie & Michelle for hosting today!!

Today is also the last day to enter the 3 e-book giveaway at Collections!

See you at tomorrow’s stops at The Book Hookup and Shiirleyy’s Bookshelf for a guest post from Isaac, giveaway and review!

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