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Secrets of Stitch (AND Shudder!) @ Mr. Book Wonder

Stitch Secret #1. Nothing in Stitch is what it seems. If you’ve read the synopsis closely, you may have picked up on this: Don’t trust anything you think you see. At the outset of the book, you meet the main character, Alessa, a college student, and Isaac, the ghost who is haunting her. But don’t be fooled! Once the twist is revealed, you’ll learn that Alessa isn’t actually a student, Isaac is NOT a ghost, and much of what you think you know about these characters and their lives is nothing but a lie. Shudder Secret #1. Nikhil is back! A fan favorite who disappeared after only a couple chapters, heartthrob Nikhil returns in Shudder. Though you may not like what’s in store for him…

Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss the rest at Mr. Book Wonder!  Thanks so much to Von for hosting Stitch today!

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