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Secrets of Stitch (& Shudder!) - Guest Post

This content was originally posted on as part of the Stitch Blog Tour in 2012.

Thanks so much to Von for hosting Stitch today! If you’ve seen Stitch around, you may have

noticed a common theme amongst bloggers and reviewers: they can’t say too much about it! That’s because Stitch has a MASSIVE twist that most readers don’t seen coming, and no one wants to ruin the fun of discovering it for yourself!

So today, I’d like to take a few moments to reveal some secrets of Stitch. No, I’m not giving you any spoilers, but just a few hints to help set you on the right path as you read it. And for those of you who’ve already read Stitch, make sure you reach the bottom of the post so that you don’t miss the sneak peek of secrets from Shudder, the next book in the series!

Okay, here it goes!

Stitch Secret #1: Nothing in Stitch is what it seems.

If you’ve read the synopsis closely, you may have picked up on this: Don’t trust anything you think you see. At the outset of the book, you meet the main character, Alessa, a college student, and Isaac, the ghost who is haunting her. But don’t be fooled! Once the twist is revealed, you’ll learn that Alessa isn’t actually a student, Isaac is NOT a ghost, and much of what you think you know about these characters and their lives is nothing but a lie.

Stitch Secret #2: Paranormal romance it is not.

Stitch starts out seeming like a typical paranormal romance. Girl falls in love with a mythical creature (in this case, a ghost) that she can’t be with, and tries to figure out how to make it work. But it turns out that Alessa’s situation is actually FAR more complicated – and more dangerous – than it initially appears. Yes, she needs to find a way to get to Isaac, but not just for the sake of their love. No, these characters are in a race for their lives, and there are sinister forces working against them at every turn.

Stitch Secret #3: The dreams are the key.

Throughout the book, Alessa is plagued with terrifying recurring nightmares that seem SO real that she often forgets where she is when she wakes up. She sometimes sees people she recognizes in these dreams, but the setting and what they’re doing don’t make any sense. She can’t seem to shake the notion that there’s more to these nightmares than she’s yet realized, but they can’t possibly be real… can they?

Stitch Secret #4: Something’s up with Eastern State University.

Alessa has noticed that something at her college campus is just a little… off. She can’t quite put her finger on it, but something about it just makes her skin crawl. On the surface, it seems perfect – ivy covered walls, attractive coeds, professors dressed in classic tweed, even a mousy old librarian – but Alessa just can’t seem to fit in here. Why does she seem to be the only one who’s noticed that life on campus is almost too normal?

Stitch Secret #5: Someone will betray Alessa.

Once Alessa finally figures out what’s going on, there’s only one thing she can do: escape. But someone on the inside has other plans… Who gave crucial information to the twisted perpetrators of Alessa’s charade? And more importantly, why?

Now that I’ve whet your appetite, here are a few little morsels about what to expect in the sequel – and book two of the Stitch Trilogy – Shudder:

Shudder Secret #1: Nikhil is back!

A fan favorite who disappeared after only a couple chapters, heartthrob Nikhil returns in Book 2. Though you may not like what’s in store for him…

Shudder Secret #2: The “How” is revealed.

Now that you know what really happened to Alessa and Isaac, the question is who did this to them and how did they manage it? The detailed history of their ravaged world will be revealed, and trust me, it will shock you. (Perhaps even make you… shudder?)

Shudder Secret #3: The traitor is revealed.

You may have some theories about who betrayed Alessa in Stitch. In Shudder, you’ll find out who the traitor really is and be forced to watch as their betrayal runs ever deeper, putting the characters you love most in mortal peril…

Thirsting for answers? Stitch is available now on (print & Kindle), Barnes & Noble Nook, iTunes, Smashwords, and wherever e-books are sold (only $2.99!). Shudder is coming Summer 2013!

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