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Shudder-o-Meter 1/3 complete!

Got another update on the Shudder-o-Meter!  Over this past weekend, it climbed to 32% complete (that’s just about 1/3 done!):

Shudder-o-meter: 32%

Woo!  We’re getting there!  I think by next week you’ll actually be able to see some real color on this thing… :-D

In the meantime, here’s what the beta readers thought of the newest chapters:

“It’s REALLY good.  I thought Stitch was awesome, but somehow you’re actually getting better…”“Bah this is getting so interesting that I just want to wait until you’re done so I can read it all at once!”“I think that mystery character must be Janie.  No, actually, I think it’s Lizzie.  Sigh, or maybe it’s someone else all together…”“I’m super creeped out.  What could possibly be doing that to Alessa??”
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