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Stitch Review @ Book Briefs

Great review today up at Book Briefs!  Here’s a snippet:

Whoa! Stitch was nothing like I was expecting. It surprised me so much. I went into it thinking it would be intriguing. Then I picked up the book a while later and forgot what the summary said. So I start the story and I figure its a simple little ghost tale, and I expected to enjoy it. But I got so much more from Stitch, and it is not a simple story. Not at all! It is continuously morphing, which meant that it was always grabbing my interest. Once I really got into the story, I could not put it down. I loved it.

Be sure to read the rest over at Book Briefs today, and big thanks to Michelle for hosting Stitch!

Tomorrow we’re heading to Cynthia Shepp for another review and a giveaway of 3 e-books!

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