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Stitch Review @ The Book Rogue

Really excited to share another great review for Stitch that’s up today at The Book Rogue! Here’s an excerpt:

I really thought this would be about time travel. Although ususally not a fan of the subject, I was perfectly fine with the idea that female lead Alessa was seeing a ghost named Isaac, and was supposed to travel back in time to safe him, since this didn’t sound totally absurd and the emotional level was startling. Everything was so perfectly in place, I was totally forgetting that the blurb already mentioned she wasn’t really a university student and Isaac wasn’t really a ghost, so there wouldn’t be any travelling through time. Go ahead and laugh if you must, but it’s making me give a lot of credit to the style if any reader might get so lost in the story like I was, especially since this turns out to be a dystopian story where deception and control plays such a mayor role.

Be sure to check out the rest over at The Book Rogue today!  But be warned – there are some major spoilers in the review, so don’t read past the second paragraph if you haven’t read the book yet!  And thanks again to Caro for hosting!

Tomorrow we’re headed over to Wintry Words for another review!  And we’ve still got plenty of giveaways going on at earlier stops!

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