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Stitch Review @ The Red Reader

So excited to share this review from Austine at The Red Reader!  Here’s a quick excerpt:

Stitch is one of those books that takes you all over the place. Right when I thought it was going one way, suddenly a new twist appears taking me in a completely different direction. Some might think that’s confusing but in this case, it was masterfully written. The story itself was shocking at times (like shivers down your spine…in a good way).

Make sure to check out the rest over at The Red Reader, and big thanks to Austine for hosting today’s stop on the tour!

Tomorrow we’re heading to Lovely Reads for another review and a 3 e-book giveaway.  And don’t forget that the giveaways at The Books We ReadMostly YA Book Obsessed, and Good Choice Reading are still going on – right now there are only 9 entries at The Books We Read and 3 prizes, so chances of winning are high!

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